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May 7, 2007 06:48 PM

Moderate in DF (Mexico City)?

I'll be looking to take my friend and her roommates out to thank her for letting me stay with them. But I'm not rich, so Aguila y Sol or others that come to over $100 US is not really an option for me. Any suggestions? Ideally in Polanco, which is where they live, or someplace easily accessible from there. Type of cuisine isn't terribly important, just some place that they might have missed but won't break my student sized piggy bank.
much obliged

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  1. I encourage you to try Casa Merlos. If I recall correctly, it is only open Thurs to Sunday for Mexican "lunch" (i.e. "comida", 1.30pm to 5ish pm).

    It's the best authentic Mexican food (mostly from Puebla) that I've ever had.

    Casa Merlos
    Victoriano Zepeda 80, Obsevatorio, Mexico City, 11860
    Near Avenida Observatorio
    (55) 5277-4360

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      That is a good place, with really nice people, good menu choices and pretty decor, though I don't think it can be called easily accessible. And be advised: it is a cash-only restaurant.

      The newish branch of Bajio in Polanco may be a good choice, too....

    2. i have 2 different suggestions for you.

      the other night a taxi driver told me about a fabulous seafood place near me. Its called El canto de las sirenas... a marisqueria that evolved from a little puesto to several spaces that take up of most of the block. I went there saturday afternoon- ohmigod! lively family place with the freshest oysters on the half shell, excellent coctal de camarones, a beer michelada with oysters!! the soups & langostino looked amazing, too. Its located right off the circuito interior- practically around the corner from marina nacional...and nobody will turn down a seafood outing...
      El Canto de las Sirenas
      Circuito Interior / Av. México-Tacuba Atzayacatl #85,
      Col. Tlaxpana, entre Melchor Ocampo y Quetzalcóatl
      Tel. 5546-6115
      Tipo: Pescados y Mariscos
      Precio: hasta $100
      L a D de 7 a 21 hrs.

      the other suggestion (maybe they are fresita) is to check out the asian buffet at the hotel nikko. i went for a birthday once & the food was amazing- higher quality than much of what we get in nyc. Cena was around $200 peso per person & well worth it. A wonderful variety of asian foods & excellent service...