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vegan chocolate cake

i am on a quest for the best vegan chocolate cake in the los angeles area... any ideas?

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    1. Real Food Daily
      Native Foods
      Newsroom Cafe
      Urth Caffe
      Madeleine Bistro
      Truly Vegan
      The Vegan Joint
      Whole Foods

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      1. re: Emme

        we ordered 2 vegan cakes -- one chocolate, the other carrot or something -- from whole foods for sis's law school grad'n party this wknd -- they went over like the proverbial lead balloon...fortunately we had lots of other yummy stuff for everyone...

        1. thank you. must try all and rank!

          1. wild oats has them as well.

              1. re: Quesera

                I second this. I actually prefer it to their regular chocolate cake and I'm not remotely vegan.

                1. re: hrhboo

                  their flourless chocolate cake is good too...albeit, definitely not vegan, but good if you need a fix and can't eat gluten!

                  1. re: hrhboo

                    I fully agree with these sentiments about Urth's vegan chocolate cake. I used to live within walking distance to Urth (the one on Melrose), and would occasionally treat myself to one of their "mini" vegan chocolate cakes. Delicious.

                2. This weekend I was at a party for my friends 2 year old daughter who is lactose intolerant. She got a vegan chocolate cake at Ledas. If she hadn't told me it was vegan I would have never known. Good luck with your search!

                  1. i had one from follow your heart today but it wasn't so great. had an amazing one in san luis obispo at the natural cafe but i don't think it is a normal menu item. and it's a little far from los angeles...

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                      There is a Natural Vafe in Wesltake Village. One in Moorpark, too, i think.