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May 7, 2007 05:50 PM

Huge Frozen Beef Tenderloin

Okay I spent a lot of dollars on this huge beautiful tenderloin and it is frozen- What do i do with it??

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    1. I'd use some of it for: a) Thai beef salad and b) sukiyaki. Both need thin sllices you can obtain once the piece starts to thaw. Maybe slice up some of the piece for these dishes; and then grill up the rest. Go back to using the sliced the next day. The Thai salad can be prepared the same or next day and, dressed, will last a coupe of days. You can have the sukiyaki (which needs only a bit of meat) the day after the steaks.

      1. Gast, I just bought two on sale yesterday and put 'em in my freezer for use later on..I suggest, thawing in fridge might take two days....Roast using Ina Garten's recipe..basically pat dry, rub with butter and S & P, roast at 500 for 22 mins for rare, 25 for med rare..then take out of oven, wrap in foil for 20 mins and carve it up...Invite your friends and that's my suggestion!!! I do it this way with rave results!!

        1. If you need to thaw it quickly, i.e., not spending 2 days thawing it in the fridge, you can keep it, wrapped up, in a bucket of cold water. This will defrost it much quicker. I'm not sure how long a full tenderloin will take but it will be in hours, not days.

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            These are all good suggestions.... I wish I could say how many pounds it is but My sister in law bought it for me and threw out the reciept- It looks like it could feed at least 12 Adults maybe more.... I just dont want it to go to waste....

          2. Good heavens, do not thaw it in cold water...

            If you are not planning on a sit-down dinner for 8-12 over the next several days, your options are: freeze it whole until you are. OR: allow the tenderloin to thaw just to the point where you can cut it with a good cleaver or heavy chef's knife. Cut off the ends, and use them for sirloin tips/stir fry/fajitas. If you want two smaller roasts, cut the remainder in half and freeze individually, rolling tightly in plastic wrap and then ziplock bags. Alternatively, cut into steaks 2-3" thick and wrap individually; these are filet mignon, or tournedos.


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              This was my original idea- however i was not sure if i could defrost and re freeze.... Will it be okay if i do this???