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May 7, 2007 05:48 PM

St. Simon's restaurant suggestions?

I'm heading to St. Simon's with a group for the first time in years. What do you suggest for a nice meal (for the nights we're not doing shrimp, oysters and beer and without going over to Sea Island)? All I remember from years ago is the Crab Trap! Would love some advice - thanks!

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  1. Iwould suggest Cargo in downtown Brunswick. Also, Nazzaro's in the shopping center opposite at the corner of Frederica and Demere opposite the airport. For a laid-back meal, give Gnat's Landing a try. I can't remember the name of the shopping center it's in, but it's off Frederica just down the road from Demere Road.

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      Redfern Village.

      The pulled pork at the new 'cue place in the Village (across from Rafters) is actually really good. Skip the brisket. Ribs ok. Much better than Beachcomber.

      Went up to that marsh side place outside Darien for some good fried catfish last week, but I cannot recall the name.

      I still like Crap Daddy's, especially after the bar rennovation. It won't wow you, but the seafood tastes fresh and is solidly prepared at a reasonable price.

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        My order for the best finer dining places would be Delaney's, Christies, Halyards, Cargo. Do not let Delaney's menu fool you Tom always has more specials then items on the published menu. It is located on Frederica across from the fire station. Christies was named to Ga Trends 10 best list in Ga along side of Seeger's, Rathbuns, 5&10 and bachanalia that puts it in some pretty heady company It is in Brunswick down the street from Cargo. I have not been to Cargo since Alex turned it over to her daughter.Halyards has moved to a new location in the movie theater parking lot behind Harris Teeter.

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          We just went to St. Simons again- Crab Daddy's is still the best place for a good honest non-fried meal- We also went to the Bluewater Bayou (or something like it)(a Cajun restaurant in Redfern Village-it was just OK)

          1. re: tuckersmama

            my pop lives there - likes paula jeans for meat and 3!!!

    2. Thanks everybody for your suggestions! I'll be sure to report back!

      1. Ah, the Crab Trap! We used to go there when we stayed at Jeckyll Island. Always a wait, but for a reason. Loved to start out-- well, we started with a beer while waiting for a table-- with the roasted oysters. Don't remember anything bad about the place.