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May 7, 2007 04:35 PM

Halifax airport seafood to go - help

A group will be leaving in 4 days for Halifax area. Questions:
1. Need to bring back foodie gifts - local items please.
2. Want to bring back seafood from airport. How? Who? Has anyone done this?
3. Saw some products - what kind of lobsters: live, cooked, or frozen? Size?
Scallops - with Roe or without; size?
4. Do y ou take this on as carry on in addition to the regular carry on? What is limit?

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  1. 1. Willy Krauch's smoked salmon is some of the best you will ever taste. Grab an entire side if you can.
    2. Clearwater at the airport boxes lobsters,oysters, smoked salmon, etc... for travel. Prices are "market" which means that there is no difference at this outlet compared to their others in town. They're the only one in the airport but do a good job.
    3. I would think it depends on how long you will be travelling. I'm sure live lobsters are good for a few hours on ice but if you're uncertain go for cooked. I wouldn't get anything larger than 2-2.5 pounds as the lobster starts to get tough lose taste. For salads or home-made lobster rolls, Clearwater also sells frozen cans with claw, knuckle and tail meat. I've never seen scallops with roe sold around town but I may not have been looking hard enough.
    4. I've taken lobster as a carry on (package is appropriately sized) so be mindful of how many items you have before loading up on seafood if you choose this option. I would be willing to bet that limits on carry-on items change with each airline. I've also seen lobster shipped as another piece of "luggage".

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      Agree with all of NSDave's recommendations.

      I had to laugh when I read the question because it reminds me of my first year at Dalhousie. I flew back to Montreal and decided to "treat" the folks by bringing back some fresh lobsters. Clearwater had a small shop off the waterfront. Historic Properties was not as developed as it currently is as that was back in '77.

      I bought a box of lobsters and took them home as "carry on". When we arrived at the then Dorval Airport I picked up the box from under the seat in front of me and promptly drenched myself in "fishy" lobster brine as it poured out of the box onto my lap.

      To make matters worse, I think the lobsters were a buck or two cheaper a pound at Waldman's Fish Market off the Main in Montreal than they were in Halifax.............

      1. re: NSDave

        There's lots of excellent info here BUT I can't let one piece of it pass unchallenged. No correlation exists between the relative size of a lobster and it's tenderness/taste. Yes, it take more time and attention to steam them properly. But, when done so, the end results are exactly the same. Be more concerned as to whether it has a hard-shell (great) or a soft-shell .(still good but less meat, more water) The main cause of this "Old Wife's Tale", I believe, is that people have a tendency to over-cook 'em. Yes, that even includes the 1 to 2 pounders :-))