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May 7, 2007 04:29 PM

Hot weather dinners: your faves?

It's unseasonably hot in San Francisco, a city where none of us have air conditioning...I can't bear the idea of eating anything hot this evening, so I'm looking for some good hot weather dinner ideas. I've seen nicoise salad listed on the boards as a good one...any other? Thanks!

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  1. In hot weather I like a big bowl of tabouli with a glass of lemonade w/mint. And gazpacho is good too.

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      I like the middle Eastern direction too -- usually do two or three of the following: hummus, feta cheese, salad, taramasalata, tabouli, olives, pita, pickled beets, green sald -- and a cold beer.

      Another think I like to do is a salad with chicken, goat-cheese, toasted walnut, apples and mixed greens with a lime-olive oil or balsamic dressing.

      1. re: bite bite

        too funny. i had middle eastern/mediterranean today for lunch at the crocker galleria in downtown sf. weather was scorching hot and my veggie combo was perfect for it: refreshing, tasty and spice-y, nothing heavy or too filling. the combo plate had tabouli, lentil salad w/mango, hummus, baba ganoush (sp?), dolmas, and falafel! and all for less than $7. =)

        i think the worst thing you can do in weather like this is turn on the oven or make a stew or braise. need to stick to the light and refreshing preparations.

    2. There's a poster from L.A. who's in the same situation and has also started a about a stir-fry, or maybe a soup and salad combo? A pressure-cooker comes in handy though I'm not suggesting that everyone can run out and buy one...(though they seem to last forEVER...have had my Prest-O since 1978! It's like a tank!) Others have also suggested using a crockpot and Foreman grill.

      1. Naengmyon - Korean iced buckwheat noodle soup. Fantastic on hot days.
        Bi Bim Bop with the veggies straight from the fridge, medium egg on top, a spoonful of gochujang and a bowl of sticky rice. Made with seasoned spinach, mung bean sprouts, shredded daikon, sweet potato stems, shredded cucumber, and shredded beef.

        1. One thing we eat when it's too hot to cook is Swiss meusli. Yes, for supper. Too late for tonight but tomorrow morning or even this evening, place 2 cups rolled oats in a bowl, mix in 1 c milk and add some honey. Pop it in the fridge for several hours or overnight and at supper time add lots of fresh fruit, some almonds or hazelnuts or whatever you like, and a cup of plain yogurt. I always like it best when one of the fruits is an orange. This doesn't sound like much but it's actually delicious and, for me at least, addicting. A piece of toasted whole grain bread with some honey spread on it tastes good with the muesli.
          Makes a cool, nutritious no-cook supper on a steamy day.
          Really, it's one of those things that tastes better than it sounds.

          1. Cold soba noodles with sesame paste, topped with julienned cucumbers and carrots, bean sprouts and diced chicken.

            Or, I just completely breakdown and have a large bowl of ice cream with PB&J sandwich.