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May 7, 2007 04:22 PM

Dinner party dessert... please help!

I'm returning to the HC board for more dinner party dessert input (as last time the CH advise I received resulted in a resounding hit). We're hosting a dinner party tomorrow night but as it's gotten quite hot in LA recently (and my charming apartment lacks an air conditioner) we've decided on a menu of asian inspired small plates (shrimp summer rolls, bbq duck salad, sea urchin and scallop brown rice dish). What kind of dessert should I serve with this? I'd prefer something that doesn't make 15 servings or require all day assembly but I'm open to any ideas. Other limitations: I don't own an ice cream maker or a tart pan. Otherwise I'm pretty well equipped. I was thinking something lemon or ginger or maybe strawberry shortcake with mint in the berries. I also like the look of this recipe but am worried it's a little too out there:

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. If it's going to be warm, I would suggest maybe doing a granita? There are tons of good recipes on epicurious for anything from a coffee granita to citrus or other fruit granitas - no special equipment required - just a pan, a freezer and a fork. You could even make up your own - for an asian one do something with mint, mango and ginger? And maybe make some crisp cookies to go along with? Depending on the granita you could do ginger snaps, or some kind of almond cookie? Granitas are lovely served in nice cocktail glasses with a cookie and a sprig of mint as garnish.

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      Yum....a granita is an excellent idea....the ruby red grapefruit one is excellent....should be able to find the recipe with a search....easy too!

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        I was also going to suggest panna cotta with maybe a strawberry or mango sauce.

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          i'm also from los angeles - have you been to gingergrass? although i'm not a huge fan of gingergrass, i had a dessert there i thought was a refreshing end to an asian/vietnamese meal.

          they served a lime bar (like a lemon bar, but made with limes) and a lychee granita. it was a good sized bar, and a small clear glass of lychee granita. i think you would be able to get a can of lychees at any asian market.. i don't know how you would make it - maybe you take the lychee juice in the can and freeze it?

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            I've served iced lychee before, not a granita, but lychee in syrup put in the freezer for a little bit so it is nice and frosty but not frozen solid - I can't recall how long it took, but it was a very easy and refreshing dessert.

          1. I must say that with this menu (very nice) I would serve some perfect fruit, mango or jack fruit if possible, which you could probably buy cut from a good Asian market. Chill, pour over a tiny bit of eau de vie, mint. Granita and cookies as suggested works well too.


              1. Chiled lemon mascarpone mousse ( doesn't involve cooking. A green tea mousse would be great, too. (