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May 7, 2007 03:37 PM

SGV Chinese food for 12 loud homos

Where would people suggest I go for dinner in the SGV for Chinese food this Saturday evening. We tried Green Village last time and loved it. We also tried Chung King a few months ago and it was great (although the last time I went there it was a bit disappointing, except for the water boiled fish, which was amazing again).

There has been discussion of going to Elite or the Kitchen, but the reviews I have seen have been mostly of those places for dim sum. How are they for dinner?

What is the best place for a group of 12 on a Saturday night?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Last summer, we went to a Szechuan place in the SGV that Jonathan Gold recommended. The food was really good and spicy and they had a lot of unusual items on the menu. Everything we tried was delicious, though I'm not sure I'd get the eel again. I can't remember the name.

      1. I thought Elite was very mediocre to poor for dinner. The french style beef we ordered was very tough, and everything else was very so-so.

        For Cantonese, I would go to Capital Seafood on Garvey/Atlantic (but call to make sure they are not booked up with banquets), Empress Harbour (call for same reason) or Ocean Star.

        I might throw in New Capital Seafood for their $1 a pound live prawns special (yes $1 a pound for those big suckers that cost $20 a pound at the market). However, service is slow right now since they are fairly new and working out the bugs. They are on Del Mar Blvd. and Valley, where the old Sam Woo is.

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          OMG! i'm going to new capital for the prawns! mmm! thanks for the heads up!

        2. do you enjoy kitsch?

          and well prepared hong kong cafe food? you should check out fantasy eatery second floor of the great mall of china.

          another kitsch favorite is indian serving taiwanese pub food.

          1. Thanks for the good ideas. What about duck places? I remember reading about a few good beijing duck places, and that seems to be a good kind of a place for a big group.

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              Lu Din Gee on Valley Blvd. next to Yong Ho has good Beijing duck.

              Full House in Arcadia is Cantonese/seafood and has delicious food. It has a Peking duck special for $10 and it's really good but not as authentic as Lu Din Gee.

              1. re: lalaw05

                there used to be a quanjude. its gone...

                the only place i know to get peking duck nowadays is a place called lu din gee, which used to be called JZY cafe. if you've ever had good peking duck (ie. in china) this will be a disappointment. but i guess you can start here and then really have your pants blown off when you visit china. its homolicious.

                1. re: modernist

                  is there a quanjude in beijing? i feel like i ate there. i had some really good beijing duck in beijing. lu din gee was the place i think i had heard of here. too bad it is a disappointment - maybe we will go for a cantonese seafood place afterall.

                  1. re: lalaw05

                    yes, its the biggest peking duck "chain" in china. you can also try chiu chow seafood at 888 or bi feng tang aka. "seafood village"