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May 7, 2007 03:32 PM

Shh! Quiet restaurants in Bklyn Heights, Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens

Hi all -- I'm looking for a good place to take parents (who are both hard of hearing and sensitive to loud restaurants). They'll be staying at the Marriott Brooklyn Bridge. Cuisine type not as important as quality food and quiet ambiance. Thank you!

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  1. Five Front in Dumbo might work. It's a short trip from Brooklyn Heights, the food is good and the few times I've been there, the room has been fairly quiet.

    1. Saul on Smith St fits the bill. Quiet, adult and probably the best meal in the neighborhood.

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        My experience would lead me to agree with you--but a good friend talked about how cacaphonous Saul was one evening when he was there with a friend who is sensitive to noise.

        1. re: Marion Morgenthal

          I too went to Saul with a family member who is hard of hearing -- granted, on a Saturday night -- and he had difficulty with the noise level. I'd say steer clear on a busy night.

      2. Quercy on Court Street has pretty good food and generally not to crowded, so not too noisy. Crave on Henry Street is small and generally doesn't get too loud either. And if they like Asian food, Mai on Atlantic Avenue is generally quiet, with classical music playing softly.

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          Thanks all! Very helpful suggestions. I have been to Saul once (a few years ago) and loved the food, so was inclined to go there, but I've now had more people suggest it's noisy than quiet so I think I'll have to pass. Am trying Five Front this Weds night to check it out. Quercy, Crave and Mai are new ones to me so I'll look into them as well. Thanks again!

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            I don't think Saul is noisy at all. Why not stop by yourself and decide for yourself.

            Closer to the Marriot you've got Queen at 84 Court St., an easy walk from the hotel and and even easier after dinner walk to the the Promenade. Queen is old style New York red sauce Italian in the best sense of the word. The food is nicely prepared and there are plenty of Northern and Southern Italian dishes on the menu.


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            1. re: Bob Martinez

              I second the Queen recommendation. That's the one that first came to mind.

        2. As nice as the weather has been, you might want to opt for outdoor seating on a patio? I always find patio seating to be a little quieter without restaurant acoustics to contend with. With that in mind, I'd suggest backyard dining at Chesnut, Lunetta, Patois.

          For indoors, Downtown Atlantic always seems quiet to me, though I STILL have yet to eat there, despite the nice things said about their food of late.

          Agree that Quercy tends to be pretty quiet.

          I've never found Saul to be overly loud though I know many others have suggested it is on this board.

          1. Try the Garden Cafe on Vanderbilt. Food is very good, albeit a bit old-fashioned (which will not be a problem for the 'rents). And it is very very quiet because it is very very small. Utterly charming, but small.

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              Garden Café was the first thing that came to my mind as well. However, it is certainly not in walking (or even strolling) distance of the Marriott. If the OP would consider driving, this is a perfect place, if not, it's out of the question. If walking, I also agree that Queen would fill the bill. Interesting that lots of people suggest that Quercy is quiet. I was there with friends some time ago. There was a singer there that evening, so maybe that was not a good time to judge the conversation acoustics, but the layout of the place makes me think that it would be loud.