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May 7, 2007 03:30 PM

Cleaning the grill...

We've got a lot of gunk underneath the grill of the "Grill". What's the best way to clean this? Just plain old scraping it? Use a cleaning antigen? Leave it be??

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  1. I find if you remove the grill and cover your BBQ with aluminum foil. Wrap it like you would cover a 9x13 cake pan. Put the foil on shiny side down. Turn the heat on high and let it go for 2 minutes it works like a self cleaning oven and burns everything off. If you leave the grill on the foil adheres to it and makes a big mess, so definitely remove the grill first. I'm assuming you have a gas grill.....if it's charcoal just get out a bucket and some soapy water and use elbow grease to get it clean. Actually I've done that with the gas grill as well after it's cooled down from it's "self cleaning."

    1. Clean? I let the next fire do all the cleaning. Well, mebbe not ALL the cleaning...but I wait for the fire to get up to temp and heat everything up, then I hit it with a grill brush. A quick wipe with a damp towel to pick up all the stuff that's been knocked loose and I'm good to go.