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May 7, 2007 02:39 PM

Smoke Daddy

Is it worth the visit? If so, how is it on Wednesday and Thursday nights?

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  1. As someone from Kansas City who loves KC BBQ, I really like Smoke Daddy. Unlike most other Chicago places, they actually SMOKE THE MEAT !!! The beans are great, too.

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    1. re: rubinow

      I have thought about trying Smoke Daddy but have been disappointed in sooo many Q places. You are from KC and think it's good. I am there this weekend!

      1. re: fryrose

        It's not just me. My friends from KC liked it, too.

        Smoke Daddy has live music there, too. Although, they have salads and veggie burgers on the menu, and you order from a menu sitting down (all no-nos in my book) they've got it where it counts. One of the sauces (not the sweet one) reminds me of KC sauce, too.

    2. As a Chicagoan who is a fan of every regional bbq style BUT Chicago-style, I can recommend it.


      I've been a semi-regular for years now, and, these days, I think it's probably the best that it has ever been. My standard order includes spares, pit beans, coleslaw, and cornbread. Oh, and surprise, surprise, they've got a pretty darn good burger, too. [Try it "daddy-style," which includes a few ounces of sliced brisket.]


      1. Just got back from chi-town and The Smoke Daddy was very good. We ordered the spare, rib tips, burger, and pulled pork. All were very tasty...some more than others. We enjoyed the spare ribs the least. Rib tips the most. I loved my pulled pork and was glad no one wanted to taste it.

        A cab from the Omni Hotel (Huron and Michigan) took us less than 10 mins and came out to about $10 a cab ride. The Smoke Daddy is in Wicker Park.

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        1. re: FoodFanNYC

          Some friends of mine were in another BBQ place and the pitmaster told them regarding rib tips, "I don't know why some people call those rib tips. For me, that's part of the rib."

          There was a while when I only got the tips at Smoke Daddy. It was one of the cheapest things on the menu.