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May 7, 2007 02:35 PM

rack of lamb

who would you say consistently serves a "straight forward" rack of lamb (crusted mustard/parsley/pepper/rosemary)

not the muttony mint jelly kind of yesteryear and not the innovative the fusion with a twist kind either.

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  1. Three I know of: Leméac, Bonaparte and Christophe (on the tasting menu only the last time I was there).

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    1. re: carswell

      I haven't been in a few years but rack of lamb was always on the menu at Le Mas des Oliviers on Bishop.

      1. re: eat2much

        Looks like it's still there: carré d'agneau à la provençale

      2. re: carswell

        Thanks Carswell - thanks to you I just learned about Christophe - the tasting menu is totally up my tastebud alley - but the appetizers I want go with white !! now if only I can figure what wine to bring... Hopefully there aren't any rules re: not finishing a bottle you bring...

        Funny - I had looked at the menu at Leméac and skipped the lamb because I was reading the description on the French version of the menu and it says the rack of lamb is pulled lamb (effiloché)

        Think we might be headed first to Bonaparte this Sunday.

        1. re: yow yul

          Pop a cork in your unfinished bottle, bag it, and you can bring your leftovers home from your favourite BYO. Bagging the open bottle is important, as otherwise you could run afoul of laws against public drinking.

          Re wine to bring: any BYO worth its salt will give you some advice over the phone if you're at a loss. I wouldn't rely too heavily on online menus, either, so it's worth asking what's being served that day while you're at it.

          1. re: Mr F

            Thanks Mr. F
            I had no idea I could bag an open bottle and bring it back with me. thanks

            If we go, I'll certainly confirm the menu when making reservations (website said new menu as of March 23rd) - I'm the mild foodie - my dinner companion is serioulsy into wine (whatever the word is for that - I know wino is wrong :-) but he'll know what to bring along.

            1. re: yow yul

              You might even consider bringing one of those one-piece plastic vacuum pumps with you to pop into your unfinished bottle when you are done.

              1. re: yow yul

                You could also bring an half bottle of white and an half of red.

        2. believe it or not but i had an exquisite and very simple rack of lamb recently at restaurant aux vieux port

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          1. re: celfie

            Aix has a very "straight-forward" rack of lamb. It's very meaty, and when I ordered it they cooked it perfectly.

            And seeing as how you don't want "yesteryear," you will probably like the bar upstairs, too.

          2. Actually Gibby's has a very decent rack of lamb, much better than their steaks as far as I'm concerned.

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            1. re: ScoobySnacks20

              Totally agree with ScoobySnacks - Gibby's Rack of Lamb D'Youville is the main reason I go to Gibby's & have never had a bad experience there (other than having to pick up the tab).

              1. re: RhondaB

                Thanks ScoobySnacks20 and RhondaB - have never been to Gibby's and wouldn't have thought of them.

            2. Peter Horowitz in his 'Bits & Bites column(which are his capsule reviews of Montreal restaurants)' for the Hour newspaper two weeks ago, says that the rack of lamb at L'Autre Saison(2137 Crescent) is renowned in fine dining circles. Maybe you want to check out their rack of lamb.

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              1. re: BLM

                Do you know anything else about this restaurant? I have walked by it many times and the menu looks interesting, but I never hear anything about it.

                1. re: Fritzy

                  Here's the link to Peter's write-up in the Hour paper

                  1. re: BLM

                    Thanks for the link, BLM! I think I will pass on a place with a strolling violinist, though.

                    1. re: Fritzy

                      Yeahbut, he takes requests. Could be your stairway to heaven...

                      Actually, I don't know which fine-dining circles Mr. Horowitz is referring to but the restaurant is never mentioned in the ones I'm privy to. And Google doesn't turn up a single review in one of the dailies or Voir, which is probably significant of something.

                      1. re: carswell

                        L'Autre Saison has been around for decades, though it started out as a lunch spot. It's at 2137 Crescent St. (near Sherbrooke St.). I would think their lamb would be good yet probably very, very expensive.

                        1. re: carswell

                          Doing a quick check of the Montreal Gazette archives, turns up that Lesley reviewed L'Autre Saison restaurant Sat Feb 9/2002(2.5 stars out of 4 & very expensive $$$$(main courses $35+).

                2. Cassis and Bistro Gourmet both have rack of lamb on the regular menu.