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May 7, 2007 02:12 PM

La Huasteca Pasadena closed.

Signs in the windows with a rendering of the phenomenally hideous building someone wants to build in the adjacent parking lot, and the info that they're closing due to construction. The implication is that this is temporary, but most of the interior has been stripped out. Dang - usually these places wait until I decide to like them before they close, but I never even got around to eating in this one...!

One of the neighbors told me that the new building's application for zoning variances got turned down for excessive height or something, but that's certainly just a setback, and too late for La Huasteca in any case.

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  1. The original restaurant is located in Lynwood of the 105 and Long Beach Blvd. It is located in the Plaza De Mexico.

    1. yep, unfortunately the death nell sounded in early April, it made the Eater LA death watch on March 6 when they gave it six months and again 4/2/07. ... (sigh)

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        oops...death knell, .(no disrespect meant to my Great-Great-aunt Nell who is, well,..dead).. appears that for those of us who thought we missed out, we may well be better off heading to Lynwood.

      2. Yeah, I saw that on their website some weeks ago, it sounded like it was a temporary closing, but I guess not. Too bad.
        There are height restrictions for buildings in Pasadena, and old town probably has the lowest height limit.

        1. In addition to all the other problems mentioned previously, it actually never caught on in old town Pasadena. Seems the chains are the ones that stand the best chance to catch on, or those on Colorado Blvd. The side streets, both north and south, have been problematic for independent operators.

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            Well, the places that also open onto the alley seem to do OK, though as the Biggie there is WokCano I think I just proved your point. I think La Huasteca might've done better if their alley door had been more prominent, and if they'd made a more overt effort to suck in a crowd from such things as Mendenhall Gallery openings and the art and/or bike events put on by Johnson Motors. As it was, I don't know how many times we were back there for some event and never even remembered that La Huasteca was right there. Damn shame.

          2. It's amazing how there was always a perpetual line out the front of Cheesecake Factory, but never a wait at La Huasteca.

            To be fair I don't think the food was ever spectacular. Finding a staple on the dessert was the last straw for us. But it's still much better than Cheesecake Factory.

            We went twice before it closed. I've heard that the original Lynnwood location is better, so we'll try that someday, as it's closer to our home anyway.

            P.S. I mourn the closure of Xiomara/Cafe Atlantic more as the mojito was truly spectacular.

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            1. re: notmartha

              I didn't think the place had a chance of survival after the bartender made my margarita with water. Service was lousy and as said above, the food was not very spectacular.

              1. re: notmartha

                Okay, so I guess we didn't miss much after all. I can put up with anything but sloppy, don't-give-a-damn service, especially at those prices.

                As for Xiomara/Cafe Atlantic, yeah, good mojitos, but the one time we were in Xiomara we kept feeling like we couldn't afford to even SIT there...and about the time we all realized what a nice thing Cafe Atlantic was, she proceeded to ruin it. Good riddance - Melrose can have her.