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May 7, 2007 02:01 PM

western ireland

any good suggestions for good restaurants in western Ireland? we'll be staying for about 8 days, traveling from Galway via Clare and Limerick through Dingle and Kerry. We are looking for some good places but our budgets are somewhat limited...thanks in advance!

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  1. When we stayed near Dingle last year we did Out of the Blue for lunch and the Chart House for dinner, although not on the same day!

    Both were outstanding.

    Check out listings on:


    1. I'm not entirely objective on this rec,. because my wife's cousin and her husband manage this place. It's a pub called Fanny O'Deas in Lissycasey, which is about ten miles west of Ennis.

      We were there about a year ago. The main part of the pub is very old--I think from the 1700's. Thatched roof. Their lease says that they have to keep the turf fire going 24/7. They are very serious about the Guinness, and I honestly think it was the best pint I've ever had.

      Food is old Irish pub fare done very well--bacon and cabbage, mixed grill, Irish stew, etc. And prices are all very reasonable. Really cool place that you would expect to be touristy, but it's not (probably because it's so far off the beaten path).