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May 7, 2007 02:00 PM

What to request from Dean and Deluca?

My husband is in NYC this week and I asked him to bring me something fun or tasty from Dean and Deluca. Anything specific that is good from there that you can recommend?


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    1. I have always thought they have interesting cookware, gadgets and serving dishes and things like that. If you're a cook or baker and need something hard to find they will have it. They also have great table linens.

      However, I would ask for the large spice collection in the test tubes, I want that as a gift! ;-) It is a beautiful presentation of spices and would make me very happy every time I opened my cabinet to look at all the spices lined up so neat.

      Look at the website catalog you will find something that is just right, whenever I'm in the store i think so many of the things they carry in the housewares area is interesting.

      1. Our UK friends always ask us to bring over D&D smoked almonds, which taste like almonds that have been soaking in bacon ;) Yum.

        They have a wonderful cheese selection, depending on if the cheese will make sense with his travel time.

        Excellent chocolate selection.

        Love the D&D House Blend coffee

        Pretty large selection of cook books and gadgets.

        1. Thank you everyone!

          We received those ginger cookies as part of a gift set from his work at Christmas and they were delicious!

          Thanks for the ideas!