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May 7, 2007 01:58 PM

crabcakes near BWI, again

need to re-stoke this old Texan sister does an annual trip that includes an overnight layover at BWI so we can get together for an evening. She loves the Balto crabcake dinner experience, last year was the first time this happened and we went to G&M since it's close to her airport hotel. time #2 is this Thursday, and she'd be happy going back to G&M but I naturally want to explore....dinnertime will be on the early side, 6:30 to 8 pm roughly. She will want a comfortable sit-down dinner. I thought of Faidley's but have no idea if the Lex Market is open late during the week, or at all, and if there's places to sit. where would YOU take your big sister to such a dinner? TIA all

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  1. Faidley's is not a comfortable, sit-down place.

    1. Timbuktu on Coca Cola Drive off Rt 100 west of 295---but all besides the crabcake (broiled) is unremarkable.

      1. I believe Lexington closes at 6 PM but I could be wrong. The Olive Grove about a block from G&M has a pretty good crabcake in my opinion. There is a local debate about which is better (G&M or Olive Grove) but I prefer the latter. I have been told that Timbuktu is connected with G&M so their recipe is nearly identical.

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          I thought the crab cake at Timbuktu was far superior to the crab cakes at G&M.....G&M has way too much filler...its all bread!

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            The owner of Timbuktu said G&M was his cousin. He was not shy about revealing why his was better--fresh, though sometimes imported crab, while G&M used pasteurized- nonrefrigerated imported. Looks great, tastes invisible. All the Greek-owned crabcake places around Baltimore seem to use a similar fast high-temp cooking to cause their largely mayo dressing to flash-cook the crabmeat plus binder. The effect at G&M is similarly pretty, but low in crab taste.

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              Just a couple of points about the crabmeat......Most of the crabmeat that is sold now IS pasteurized and IS considered fresh. ALL crabmeat pasteurized or not MUST be kept refrigerated. Probably 80-90% of the crab meat that is used in Maryland restaurants is pasteurized ( much safer from a spoilage view) and most of it is from Indonesia ( this species is closer to the blue crab we are used to from the Chesapeaje Bay or Gulf of Mexico) or it may be from China or Vietnam ( less expensive, softer meat but used in alot of restaurants because of the lower cost.
              Also....the culinary "trick" that G & M ( and some others) use to make their crab cakes big is by adding baking powder and eggs to the recipe causes the cakes to "blow up" when baking.

              1. re: MDicecreamguy

                As I understand it, Olive Grove and Timbuktu both serve G & M crabcakes.

          2. Gunnings has very reasonable crabcake, it's not far from BWI Thurgood, just off RTe 100 Coca Cola Drive and Left on Dorsey..a little farther down than Timbuktu's on the left.
            Snyders is also an option it just up the street from G&M past G&M on tthe right..

            Faidley's will be closed at that hour

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              Second the rec for Gunnings. Crabcakes are good and all the fish is fresh.

            2. Do yourself and your sister a favor and drive 25 miles to O'Leary's in Annapolis. Not only will you have a comfortable setting with a wonderful view, but you will have some of the best seafood including crab cakes, on the east coast. If you do not want to drive that far then The Olive Grove or Snyder's in Linthicum will do just fine. But do try to go to Annapolis.

              The Farm.

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                would love to go to Annapolis but unfortunately time is a big factor, sis wants to get back to the hotel early....anyway I'm leaning toward Olive Grove since their pasta menu looks decent, forgot to mention my vegetarian wife will be along. thanks all

                1. re: Jamie D

                  I've been dragged to Olive Grove twice for business lunches. Both times I thought the food was quite mediocre (although I didn't try the crabcake). The place was doing a booming business, but I really don't understand why.

                  1. re: Hal Laurent

                    In this situation, I would go with the Olive Grove. There is nothing particularly exciting about the Italian food, but she will like the crabcakes.