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May 7, 2007 01:58 PM

great place for a festive function

Hey There,

My soon to be wife and I are coming to San Francisco to elope next weekend and would dearly love your help on the best restaurant (possibly Italian, not too casual) to celebrate with 10 people over great food and great surroundings.

Thanks so much, look forward to hearing from you all.


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  1. Acquerello might fit your bill. Its Italian and definitely not to casual. It'd be worth it checking out their site. The food is excellent and the wine tastings are well-matched and typically come with very generous pours.

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    1. re: grishnackh

      Thank you so much for this recommendation, It looks fantastic.Unfortunately they are closed on Sundays. We would be willing to expand to all food types, great San Francisco food.

    2. How about Aziza? I am pretty sure they are open on Sundays and the food is just amazing. It has a cool, swanky atmosphere that is also very festive.

      1. So Sunday the 13th? That is Mother's Day, so reservations could be tough.

        Take a look at Boulevard restaurant. It is a beautiful place that is great for special occasions.

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          Thank you all for your reccomendations. Boulevard looks great, I have put a phone call in and hope to hear from them. Wish me luck.

        2. Incanto! The food there is fantastic. Plus, they have a nice back room they use it as an initimate second dining room or allow large groups to have the whole room.