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May 7, 2007 01:56 PM

La Flor Desserts, Pastries, Baked Goods.....

I have yet to try any of the baked goods that are laid out by the kitchen or in the 2 huge fridges that say Savories and Sweets. Does anyone have an idea what they have and what to go with. They don't to seem to have a list or menu for the sweets or breads. I see many cookies, muffins, cakes, etc. Anyone care to guide me thru this sea of sugar?

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  1. very good chocolate mouse cake, my favorite tarts are the banana, blueberry coconut, chocolate pecan, apple, pear...don't care for the fruit, though---great oatmeal cookies, bread pudding pretty good, carrot cake--kinda dense and heavy not the style I like, cheesecakes pretty good, excellent flan--although not as good as the Coconut or Orange flan from De Mole...but still very very good, --there's a start..oh, and most importantly, whatever dessert you order to have there, tell them to serve it without that dreaded fruit cocktail garnish they put on all their desserts--it's awful and ruins the flavor of anything that lies beneath it.......just ask for it plain..with the fruit topping.....

    1. the chocolate chocolate cookie (unadorned) is my favorite dessert, ever. and i'm not even a chocolate lover (my favorite dessert used to be the mango carpaccio at tournesol, but they took it off the menu).
      i don't care for the chocolate mousse thing that comes in the tin foil round dish.

      1. I forget the real name, but they usually have this thing that the waitress just called Chocolate Bread, which is a thick piece of bread folded in half with chocolate in the middle (pan chocolate or whatever I'm sure the real name is). Anyway, ordered it and it took some time, didn't realize why untill i got it and noticed they'd heated it in the oven. The chocolate was just amazing, as was the bread.

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          They do great cheesecakes. The chocolate pecan tart is oustanding as are all of the fruit tarts. Their carrot cake may be the second best I've ever had. (My wife's is better.) Not being a huge cookie or flan fan, I can't bring myself to try those if it means passing up a tart or cake.
          Back when La Flor first opened, desserts were all $2.50 for a huge serving no less. My wife and I occasionally went in and ordered coffee and 3 or 4 desserts to share, nothing else. I haven't been back in the last 6 or 7 months but heard that desserts are now $5 - $6. Can someone confirm that, please. Thanks.

          1. re: el jefe

            Yep those prices sound about right. They have raised their prices two fold since then. I read the old reviews and cannot believe how cheap everything was. A beverage costs 2.50 nowadays and lunch will cost you 10 dollars easily.

            1. re: fcara

              Yeah they recently changed the menu and raised most of the prices. The breakfasts are still mostly pretty cheap though, and I don't mind the prices, it's just not a super cheap meal any more.