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May 7, 2007 01:36 PM

Restaurants Near Detroit Airport

Now that my bf is living in Ann Arbor and I'm in DC I'm going to be flying into DTW about once a month or so.

We were wondering if there were any decent restaurants near the airport? Anytime of cuisine will do...we are just looking for something within 10-15 min of the airport for a quick bite after he picks me up or for him to eat at if I take a late flight or am delayed.

Thanks for your help.

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  1. Does the fact that no one has responded mean my suspicions are correct and there is absolutly no where to eat around there??? lol

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    1. re: Elyssa

      Probably! I went to school in Ann Arbor and am racking my brain for something close to the airport. Nada. I think you either have to hit Detroit or have something in Ann Arbor. Sorry!!

      1. re: Elyssa

        Basically, yes. That said, the cafe in the Westin Hotel at the airport is good. I do business lunches there. There's an entrance from the terminal right into the hotel and then the cafe is opposite the bamboo grove. I've had pretty much everything on the menu and it's all decent. For some reason, they do not have an espresso machine, though.

        1. re: Elyssa

          You could make it to Dos Pesos in Belleville in 10-15 minutes. Not top-notch but not chain glop, either--lighter food, often served with jicama sticks.

        2. I drive a limousine/sedan to and from the airport several times a day from Port Huron, I sometimes spend hours "at the airport" or close to it. Here are a few "finds"....
          The Beirut Restaurant on Merriman rd (next to Subway North of Big Boy) Top notch lebanese in a strip mall (try the Shish Tawook sandwich). The Wheat and Rye also on Merriman..a little further North of beirut. Big Sandwiches and burgers in a boisterous bar atmosphere.

          1. I'll second the suggestion for the restaurant in the Westin. Surprisingly good, and not hotel-type fare at all.

            1. Mr. Brew-Stirs is a great little cafe only a couple miles from DTW. It's at 25077 Ecorse Rd in Taylor between Beech Daly and Telegraph. Credit goes to chowhound DetroitTwister for this discovery. The burgers are excellent. The website has a menu and coupons--including one for Free Hamburger Day May 26, 2007. I'll be there getting my free burger.

              1. Sorry. Just noticed this today.

                I second BigCab's suggestions for Wheat and Rye - they have excellent sandwiches as big as your head and quite tasty. Stay on Merriman road coming out of the airport and they're on the left.

                I also second his rec for Beirut - tasty Lebanese and friendly service. Something of a hole-in-the-wall ambience. Also on Merriman.

                Leonardo's is (was - I haven't been there in a year) great, unpretentious, but tasty Italian. Also on Merriman.

                The Westin is more elegant dining but they have some nice small plates, and they made a wonderful caprese for me one night. I would eat at the bar. It's a little more casual.

                If your bro is stuck insided the terminal and needs to eat, there's a pretty tasty sushi place just a few doors down from the Westin, a Mediterranean place on the south end with pretty tasty falafel, a Cuervo Tequileria also at the south end, a good Mexican at the north end, and the Waterworks bar with some pretty tasty food also at the north end. There's a Guiness Irish pub on the B concourse out where the puddle jumpers gate.