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May 7, 2007 01:36 PM

Visiting Atlanta in 2 weeks

I'd be grateful for any restaurant recommendations; I don't want glitz, I simply want very good food.
In addition, if there is any good BBQ in Atlanta I'd love to know about it.

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  1. I have never been served anything less than wonderful at Woodfired Grill. Very food-focused and comfortable, not glitzy, reasonable prices. Kyma for wonderful, a bit pricy Greek food. A lot of places in Atlanta are totally hit or miss, unfortunately, so recommending a surefire hit can be difficult. For BBQ try Fat Matt's (pork ribs) or Harold's (chopped pork sandwich) both only at lunchtime. The problem with BBQ in Atlanta (and many other places) is getting the meat at the optimal time of day. Usually this is lunchtime, but it helps to call ahead to be sure.

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      I'd follow jean9's suggestion on searching. There's reams of stuff on here. Laura's right that Woodfire is very good, and I agree on Kyma, though I might emphasize the pricey part more (and a healthy dose of glitz).

      I still haven't made it down to Harold's, and I'm still vehement in my dislike for Fatt Matt's. The grease on Fatt Matt's ribs should speak for itself. I don't know if the Fox Bros. stand alone restaurant on Memorial has opened or when it's expected to. If it's open, I'd give that a shot.

      Here's the result of a lot of Q eating I did last fall:

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        Wow Ted!

        I can't believe I missed your original post ( I was in the hospital after having my daughter, so that is why). Thanks so much for all your effort in writing things up. Now we can just refer the inevitable ATL/BBQ question to this link.

        Drove by the future Smith's location the other day - doesn't look open yet, although I think he posted on Atlanta Cuisine that it was supposed to be up and running by now.

    2. You will find lots of Atlanta recommendations on this board if you search, a pain I know but I thought I would throw it out there.

      I was in Atlanta last september for the weekend and we went out to Decater for dinner at the Watershed. You can take the train there and then walk a few blocks to the restaurant. My meal was really good. The salad was amazing, a green leaf lettuce salad with a garlicky (spell?) vinegrette that wowed me in its simplicity. My sister had shrimp grits (stone ground grits with shrimp paste mixed in) that were excellent, buttery and rich.
      It is a little pricey, I think our bill was 120.00 or so but I really enjoyed the meal. The restaurant itself appears to be an old gas station or garage or something so it is pretty loud.

      1. I do love Harolds BBQ, but I really do like Pig 'n Chix they have two locations.
        I agree with Woodfire Grill, wonderful, I would also like to recommend Floataway Cafe.
        Good luck and Have fun!

        1. Atlanta is not a great BBQ town. If you live in a part of the country where you can get good BBQ, or visit such a part of the country often, don't waste your time on the local product. (If you insist, Harold's is the local institution (good brunswick stew), Rolling Bones and Daddy Dz are close to downtown and have interesting ribs. If you have a car, a tolerance for the wrong side of town, and access to a ton of napkins, definitely try D&D BBQ on Sylvan Rd. Their ribs are superb.)

          The thing to remember about Atlanta is that it is a city first and Southern second. the dining scene is rather sophisticated, full of glitz, and not strong on the home-style joints. There are a lot of places to get very good oriental food and good Mexican food. (Just drive out Buford Highway and pick a place that looks fun). But finding a place to get old fashioned Southern cuisine is surprisingly tough. Perhaps the best place to see that side of Atlanta for not too much money is the Colonnade on Cheshire Bridge Rd. The food there is more good than inspired. But the crowd in that restaurant is one of the more interesting mixes in town.

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            I wholeheartedly disagree that Atlanta is not a great bbq town. It may not have it's own style, but there are two great places that rival the best bbq I've had at Allen & Sons in Chapel Hill, Salt Lick in TX or Smitty's, Kreuz or Black's in Lockhart, TX. My favorites are the Fox Bros., which will soon have their own location and Sam & Dave's BBQ #1 (there's a #2 now too but I have not tried it yet). I don't know why everyone insists on steering people away from bbq in Atlanta. I guess to each their own, but I'm very pleased with my bbq choices in this town.

          2. Floataway Cafe... sooooo good!