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May 7, 2007 01:27 PM

Where do vegetarians eat in Detroit?

I'll be staying at the Renaissance Marriott next week would appreciate some lunch/dinner dining suggestions. Dinner does not have to be too local, and the restaurants do no have to serve vegan. I'll be on an expense account so price does not matter. Thanks in advance!

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  1. for convenience to the ren cen and decent veg. offerings, try sweet lorraine's across jefferson (you can take the skywalk tube from the promenade level of the ren cen) in the courtyard by marriott. worth checking out.

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      not a ton of veggie options in Detroit proper. your best bet if you don't feel like hauling out to the burbs of Ferndale & Royal Oak or out to the veggie mecca of Ann going to be the area around Wayne State University, just up Woodward Ave about a mile and a half from your hotel. Majestic Cafe & Traffic Jam will each have a decent variety of veggie options. I have also heard that Moo Moo's Organic on the East Side (about 15-20 minute drive from your hotel) is fantastic for vegetarians.

    2. Inn Season, in Royal Oak. Lovely atmosphere and fresh food (think Chez Panisse of Detroit....if one can actually say such a thing :)
      It's not convenient to the Ren Cen, but is still local. Closer to you will be the aforementioned eateries, all very good. I've not been to Moo Moo's, even though I used to live right next to it; I hear it's quite good.
      Steve's Back Room in St. Clair Shores has excellent mid-Eastern fare. I think the Cass Cafe may have a good vegetarian offering; Twingo's, too.