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May 7, 2007 01:16 PM


where where where? authentic laksa is wanted within the city, preferably east of yonge street. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease let me know!

thanks! ;)

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  1. Matahari on Baldwin St near the AGO does a very good curry laksa

    1. Jenn...good luck!! I will be watching for the responses. I posted on this topic a few months ago. Which type of laksa are you looking for??? We like the nonya laksa or lemak (coconut milk) style...Have had it at Resto Malaysian and it was pretty good. Have found a place in Barrie of all places - Green Mango Tree....very good. I will be trying Matahari as suggested here already!

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        im not sure what kind of laksa im looking for, to be honest, ... ive tried it once, liked it, but couldnt even remember how it tasted, even. i can tell you one thing for sure, there's a new resto on bay and adelaide that just opened (its a noodle place, "lula something") that had horrible laksa. the soup was toooooooooooooo thick and had no flavour at all. the curry was there, it was spicy, but had no flavouring at all! very disappointing, and at >$10 a bowl (with very fresh veggies, but still, >$10 tax incl.?) that was just tooooo much.

      2. Gourmet Garden at 4465 Sheppard Ave. East near Brimley (416) 332-8765 makes Laksa Lemak, as well as other Malaysian / Singaporean dishes. I love their Mee Goreng and Satay skewers. MMMmm...

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          Restauran Malaysia's is not bad. Matahari's is quite good with (apparently) good quality ingrediants. Also near Kennedy & hwy 7 (just north of 407) Coconut Island's Laksa can be quite good. Still searching for a really great Roti Chanai though...

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            hi squingy! could you give me more details about this location? is Gourmet Garden located in a building on its own, in a plaza, in a mall...? ive been to that intersection quite a few times, but dont remember seeing malaysian/singaporean restaurant there.

            1. re: jennjen18

              Sorry about that, I should have explained that it's a bit hidden. Going east (about 100 metres) from Brimley turn right unto the driveway at the white building. The restaurant itself is located in the second building (ground level) which is located right behind the first white building separated by a walkway. Also note that it's a food court and shares the roughly 15 tables with 3 other restaurants ;Filipino (Kamalig), Chinese ( Super Taste) and Chinese bbq (Sam May bbq).