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May 7, 2007 01:11 PM

Cheap, family-friendly spots downtown?

My wife and child (18 months old)and I will be staying in downtown Manhattan between 5/29/07 and 6/4/07, and I'd love to hear of inexpensive, casual, family-friendly places we can go for lunch and for dinner?

We'll be staying on West 11th Street near Seventh Avenue.Any place in walking distancewould be great. We like all types of food.

Thank you!

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  1. Cornelia St. Cafe
    Cafe de Bruxelles
    Elephant & Castle
    Tavern on Jane

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    1. re: Lucia

      I think you're my food twin, Lucia. :)

      I'll see your list, and add:
      Pink Tea Cup

    2. Hi Evan, would you give a price range? People define cheap in very different ways! (And cheap for NYC is very different from cheap in many other places in the world.)

      I like Lucia's suggestions for the food, but I would actually call them moderately priced rather than cheap.

      Less expensive options by my standards include Flor's Kitchen, Moustache, 'Ino, Risotteria, John's Pizza, and Galanga. None are super family friendly, but I don't think a well-behaved child will raise any eyebrows. Cafe Asean could also work, although the space is pretty cramped and dark and sometimes noisy; your 18 month year old may not enjoy that.

      There are lots and lots of other places to look into (especially on MacDougal near 3rd St.) if you don't need a sit-down kind of place or don't mind the kind of place where you pick your food up at the counter yourself and then eat at a few makeshift tables. My favorite in this category is the dosai stand on Washington Square Park South. If it's a nice day, you can eat it on a bench in the park and enjoy free entertainment of some sort on many days of the week (or at least entertaining people-watching). Mamoun's Falafel is a long-time Village institution with something of a cult following.

      All of the places I've mentioned so far have very good to excellent food. If you don't mind lowering the bar a bit, I could throw out lots more suggestions (i.e. Thali, Spice, Lemongrass Grill).

      1. Thanks, Lucia and Cimui. I define "cheap" as less than $10 per person for lunch and less than $15 (or maybe 20) per person for dinner. I understand that my request is vague ("all types of food" and "family-friendly")so I'll try to sharpen it a bit. How about best burger in or near the West Village? Best dim sum? Best burrito? Thanks to all who reply!

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        1. re: EvanElliot

          Ok, that's helpful, thanks. For burgers, Corner Bistro and Westville are your best bets. I can't really help you on the burrito or dim sum fronts in this area.

          All of the other places I named ought to fall within your budget, too.

        2. How about Whole Foods on Union Square? It's technically a grocery store, but they have great prepared foods, bakery etc. They have a pleasant place to sit with a great view of the square, or you could do a picnic. You could also try Republic, also on Union Square. It's pretty cheap and loud enough that a kid would be fine there. They have all kinds of Asian noodles.

          1. Malatesta Trattoria on the corner of Washington and Christopher.
            Its super cheap and very good...they only accept cash.