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May 7, 2007 01:03 PM

La Louisiane and other Cajun Restaurants in Montreal?


Has anybody been to La Louisiane recently? I was there years and years ago and wasn't all that impressed. I was wondering if it's worth a revisit. Also, are there any other cajun/creole restos in Montreal?

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  1. It's a decent enough place. I've had some pretty good meals there. Nothing outstanding, mind you. The last time we went the hush puppies were deep-fried to a dark brown colour and tasted like burnt. I really wish they wouldn't deep fry their crab cakes. That's just lazy. They tasted like burnt, too. My rack of lamb was alright, but at 28$ including a delicious cold cucumber soup, it was a bit pricey. The cheese souflé that came with it was too dense and kinda boring.

    The staff is really nice and the service is ok. The setting is great. It's a good neighbourhood place. I don't think I would reccomend it to tourists, though. You can get better cajun/creole food elsewhere.

    As for other cajun restaurants. What other cajun restaurants? There are a couple of Brasilian places that make jambalaya, but they're nothing to write home about.

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      I concur. Nothing to write home about.

    2. we recently had a great meal there with our teenaged sons. They prepared a special vegetarian plate for me The boys all had some shrimp dish. Service was very attentive.

      1. Yeah, the best thing about La Louisiane lately is the staff. They're super friendly.

        I also enjoy the little cornbread muffins.

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          I concur. The muffins were the best thing there…

        2. cmon folks, crawfish etouffee, delicious

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            Thanks to everyone that replied. I think I'll pop by and try the crawfish etouffee. I've always wanted to try a crawfish boil, but since fresh live crawfish is next to impossible to get here in Montreal, a crawfish etouffee it will have to be. Come to think of it, I wonder if langoustines are an acceptable substitute for crawfish?

          2. I ate there a while back with a pretty big group, about 8 of us, and we all ordered different things. I tried a bit of each plate and it all tasted frighteningly similar---seems like a very lazy kitchen to me. Won't be back in a hurry.