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May 7, 2007 12:52 PM

Lunch East of the Beltway

I would like to find a place to take an aging (80+) aunt and mother-in-law (85+) for lunch over Memorial Day weekend (Staurday, most likely). The aunt lives just east of the Beltway (sort of near the stadium) in a retirement village, and doesn't know the area very well. The mother-in-law is sort of phobic of downtown. I don't want to end up in a suburban mall. You see the problem. Also, nothing too exotic (although decent Chinese would be OK). Any help would be really, really, really appreciated.

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  1. Which beltway? (I'm guessing DC from the stadium reference)

    1. Grace's Fortune is in a strip mall in Bowie, but the Chinese food is good and the interior is very nice. I don't know if Annapolis is too far -- that gives you more choices. Les Foiles is on Riva Road right off Rt 50 and has its own parking lot and good French food -- you can avoid the extra 15 minutes to downtown Annapolis and parking headaches.

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        I second the rec for Les Folies for lunch. They handle senior clientele very well.