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low fat/non fat frozen yogurt?

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are ther in places in boston or outside of boston that has great non fat or low fat frozen yogurt?? (other than white mountain creamery or tcby)

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  1. Temptations in the Financial District is decent if you work down there, but not really a destination.

    I'm a sucker for the soft serve frozen yogurt at JP Licks, which often has interesting flavors and swirl combinations. A few weeks ago, I really enjoyed my swirl of oreo and raspberry.

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      I like the Columbo non-fatsoft-serve, but it's getting harder to find here in the north/west suburbs (Medford, Arlington, Lex, etc.) I also like Costco's chocolate which is so cheap, I don't mind asking them to just give me a half a serving, and charge me the full price (about $1.00!) Both Columbo and Costco's texture is very creamy. Some people say the Costco has an aftertaste, but I must say, I don't notice it.

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        Don't forget there is a JP licks in Davis Sq... I have alwyas liked their froyo the best. Though IMO JP licks isn't as good as it once once.. I htink he expanded too much.. ice cream has gone down hill....

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        I absolutely love JP lick's froyo. its awesome and they have the best flavors. if you like peanut butter definitely get the fat free peanut butter. i also really like the chocolate chip cookie nonfat froyo!

      3. I second the JP Licks recommendation. Also, Stonyfield Farms makes terrific nonfat and lowfat frozen yogurt. I especially recommend the chocolate nonfat. You can get it at Whole Foods.

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          I like Stonyfield Farms frozen yogurt well enough (it's certainly low in fat and calories), but some flavors are better than others. I like the vanilla, especially when mixing it with some fresh fruit, or better yet, hot fudge (of course it's healthy -- it's frozen yogurt!). I find that their chocolate flavor has a bit of a synthetic taste to it.

          For hard frozen yogurt around town, I must say I'm partial to both JP Licks and Emack & Bolio's. The fat content varies, but they definitely offer some low-fat (and possibly no-fat) options.

          [And continuing along the lines of of-course-it's-healthy-it's-frozen-yogurt, E&B's is particularly tasty in one of their rice krispy waffle cones.]

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            where can i get columbo frozen yogurt?
            i 've had it before i really like it, but havent seen it around here

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              they used to have a columbo fro yo stand in the faneuil hall food court/marketplace. i think it's gone now though :(
              sorry, doesn't really answer your question, but i just realized it must be gone after a recent trip through that food court.

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                I just walked thru that food court last Fri. and Columbo is still there.

        2. Soc's in Saugus on the Lynn Fellsway. It is right off Route 1. If you know where Kelly's in Saugus is, bear to the right there. That is the Fellsway.
          They have the most delish homemade ice cream and quite a fine selection of frozen yogurt. enjoy.

          1. Looove Cafe Podima's frozen yogurts with fresh fruit toppings.

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              I thought Cafe Podima closed? I know there area couple other places in the Boston/Cambridge area owned by the same people, and there are similar options for the frozen yogurt with mix-ins...anyone know the nutritional value though? They always seem to creamy to be low or non-fat...

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                I had the throat constrictor (i'm allergic to pistachios, but i love the the pista fro-yo flav here) last fall. Really, the Beacon Hill location is gone? Maybe you are thinking of the Cambridge location? Podima, Kiraz, Miraz..name changes, finally closed maybe?

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                  No, the Beacon Hill location is still there, and they still have a huge selection of mix-ins.

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                    Good to know, thanks for the correction...now I just need to figure out who gave me false information since I had stopped trying to order from Podima after hearing the (false) sad news!

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                I agree. Suuuuper good frozen yogurts at Cafe Podima.

              3. My wife and I venture out to Truly Yogurt on Grove St in Wellesley at least 4 times a week during the summer. We find the soft serve yogurt (usually just the choc/vanilla swirl) to be much better than anything else we've tasted in the area, including JP Licks.

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                  Count me as another Truly Yogurt fan. The soft serve flavor of the day rotates, but whatever it is can be blended with their oreo flavor, making it even creamier.

                2. Cafe Kiraz in Cambridge offers excellent frozen yogurts with a choice of a fruit/candy mix-in. They are good-sized servings too.

                  1. theres this place near BC called White Mountain...they have pretty good froyo there. check it out, it's on comm. ave I think, haven't been in a good minute

                    1. Sweet Scoops the best frozen yogurt - taste just like rich creamy ice cream.
                      I've tried dutch coco, blueberry, grapenut, madagacar vanilla. All excellent.
                      I buy at Butcher Boy in North Andover. Don't know where else to buy - they probably have a website or try Whole Foods or small specialty food stores.

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                        i'm originally from boston and have moved to nyc a few years ago. pinkberry, a california institution, has finally arrived in nyc. they serve very low-fat frozen yogurt (plain and green tea flavors), with fresh fruit toppings, as well as toppings like chocolate chips, captain crunch/cocopuffs/fruit pebbles cereals, carob chips, etc.
                        here's hoping it arrives in the boston area soon!

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                          N.B., though: Interesting thread about Pinkberry on the Food & Media board.

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                            adding to that...the pinkberry idea/phenomenon was taken from korea and brought to california where it has been extremely successful

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                            oh god, if we could get a red mango/iceberry/pinkberry/kiwiberri/crackberry franchise in boston i'd be there every day :) i'm not sure how high my hopes would be, though-- something could get lost in translation. (from what i've heard, the NYC ones aren't as good as the LA ones, though; i think there's a certain level of competition needed to keep up the quality-- viz also the sorry state of boston's beard papa branch)

                            jp licks froyo is not bad, but generally suffers from the same over-sweetened problem that plagues most froyo's. (and i also agree with above comments that sometimes the attentions seem to be spread thin, with new specialty flavors and things) the pinkberry's model is perfect: one or two flavors, done well. this might be part of a more general issue in boston, of places trying to offer too many choices and getting spread thin?

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                            Second Sweet Scoops, though it's so good, I don't know if it's much healthier than ice cream. The grapenut and coffe oreo are fantastic.

                            Russo's in Watertown stocks it.

                          4. 3 Scoops in Brighton Center - lots of flavors and all delicious. Excellent selection of sorbets as well. See previous posting about it:

                            1. Angora Cafe on Commonwealth Ave down by BU has awesome froyo

                              1. Many places take non-fat frozen yogurt (chocolate or vanilla) and mix in the fresh fruit and/or candy:

                                Downtown: Max's Deli; Cafe Podima
                                Southie: Broadway's Best; Amsterdam Cafe
                                Somerville: Top Speed Pizzeria
                                Waltham: Prospect Cafe

                                1. CABOT'S in Newton (on Washington St.) has sugar-free AND fat-free, low-fat or soy-base yogurt to which you can add flavors at will. My fav? SF/FF base with BOTH chocolate and peppermint candies. MMMMMMMMMM.

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                                    i know a lot of folks rave about the frozen yogurt at berrylime in harvard square