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May 7, 2007 12:35 PM

Summer Cooking Courses (in Toronto)?

I know that there have been a few similar threads, but none of them seem to be quite tailored to my interests, so I'm throwing this out there in the hopes of finding some advice.

Basically I'm a master's student looking for summer cooking classes in the downtown area. Ideally around College and Beverly but anything TTCable would be fine. While I'm not exactly hopeless in the kitchen I am entirely self-taught and have probably picked up some bad habits. So I'd be looking for a basic class, but not something so basic that they teach you how to boil an egg or fry a pork chop.

I have a limited budget due to being a student, so I'd be looking for something more on the cheap end of the scale. Also since I'm new in Toronto it would be nice if the class had a more social atmosphere and was conducive to meeting people. I realise that these two goals somewhat contradict eachother as one-off classes are cheaper but less social than longer courses; but I'd like to find a nice balance if possible.

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  1. Loblaws offers courses at the location at Queens Quay which is close to you I believe. Most of the courses are 1 lesson only and are around $20-30. There are some courses that require a donation to charity and they are a little bit cheaper. Because these are not ongoing courses they probably don't have the social aspect you are looking for.

    The City of Toronto usually offers cooking courses, and they are really reasonably priced, but you may have missed the registration date for the summer. Check out the website. This is probably your best option as it is affordable and somewhat social.

    You could also register for a continuing education course at a community college. George Brown has downtown campuses.

    Hope this helps.

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      Hey Quellan, I'm in the same position as you and have also recently thought about taking a class or two. I heard that the Loblaws courses are actually a pretty good deal, because in addition to the class and eating a meal at Loblaws, you also take home any leftover supplies, and from what this acquaintance told me this is a substantial amount of food.

      But no, probably not super social. If you find anything that looks good, please let me know!

      1. re: sleepymiffy

        I can't vouch for any of these, but here's a list:

        The hospitality and tourism department offers a full range of hands-on cooking courses for part-time culinary students and home cooks. 300 Adelaide East. 416-415-2517 or

        Natural foods chef Nettie Cronish teaches an intro to vegetarian cooking and a course on macrobiotic cookery at this organic food emporium. 348 Danforth. 416-466-2129 or

        Italian Basics, Tastes of Sicily and Italian Vegetarian Cooking are just a sampling of the Italian cooking classes available here. 901 Lawrence West. 416-789-7011.

        Started by Donna Dewar of Mildred Pierce Restaurant, Cookworks offers hands-on, small-group classes evenings and weekends. 99 Sudbury. 416-537-6464 or

        Afternoon and evening classes feature celebrity chefs and cookbook authors teaching French, Italian and Asian cuisine. 390 Dupont. 416-920-5559 or

        Great Cooks offers evening and daytime cooking classes with the best chefs in T.O. - including Belgium's Beer Cuisine, Low Fat Spa Menu, Demystifying Fusion and Whip It Up! - at their tea bar on the lower level of the Bay's Queen Street store. 416-861-4727,

        This historical house holds adult hearth cooking classes with a focus on 19th-century dinners, preserves, breads and treats. 5172 Yonge. 416-395-7432 or

        The LCBO offers wine appreciation classes and courses on choosing wine. For a location near you, call 1-800-668-5226 or go to their Web site at

        The "what's cooking in your community" program is held at the Queen's Quay store and features everything from throwing a Chinese New Year's party to basic knife skills. 10 Lower Jarvis. 416-214-1518.

        Toronto's first indoor organic sprout farm runs lectures and workshops on nutrition at 720 Bathurst. 416-977-7796,

        Classes on whole-food proteins, vitamins, pantry stocking and meals on the go are taught by a holistic nutritionist. Monthly on Monday evenings at the Health Shoppe, 41 Charles West. 416-537-0449.

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        Hmm... I looked at the program guide and I couldn't find any adult cooking courses for either spring or summer. All I could find were youth cooking courses. Perhaps I'm missing something?

        1. re: Quellan

          if you mean on the city of toronto fun guide........
          under the general interest category select "adult" and then "cooking-adult". looks like the courses up until june are getting full but i'm sure they'll have more later on this summer.