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May 7, 2007 12:14 PM

Revisiting the Laguna question: Studio or Loft?

hi all.

i had posted a request for dinner recs in laguna beach, and was most likely going to make a reservation at 'studio' at the montage resort.

however, i've read a lot of reviews that were less than stellar, including complaints about inconsistencies in the quality of the food.

has anyone been to BOTH studio and the loft at the montage for comparison?

i'm wondering if we'd be better off at the loft in case it turns out to be not-quite-spectacular...i'll be a little less pissed if this happens at the less formal location :)


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  1. Been to both, nothing more than ok.
    Expect to spend some serious $$$$, Studio was over 250 pp and Loft was half that but not half as good. Laguna is not a foodie paradise. When we high end dine there it's normally at Stonehill Tavern 150-ea and it's not great either.
    Best plan is to Limo to Providence, Melisse, Valentino or Spago in LA for serious food.

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    1. re: russkar

      I have been to the Loft- good but not memorable and not a good 'value'. (Don't mind spending $$$$ if it's worth it!)

      1. re: russkar

        i did Studio & Stonehill Tavern this past month, and I'd go back to Stonehill Tavern.

        1. re: russkar

          had spago this past friday [great as always, although unbelievably noisy in the dining room...a lot of heavy drinking going on at the surrounding tables.]. if it was really up to me, we'd go to valentino [love it!], but folks are now staying at the ritz in laguna so i was trying to find someplace convenient for them.

          should we just go for mastro's in costa mesa? i cancelled our bev. hills reservation on saturday because all the chowhounders said it had gone downhill, but apparently the o.c. location is still very good...?

          1. re: 1_healthnut

            I would go to LEATHERBY'S at the Performing Arts Center, near Mastro's. Very good, just make sure there isn't a Performance which will affect dinner.