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May 7, 2007 11:54 AM


Perilla is open today!

If anyone goes, any reviews would be appreciated. Thanks.

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      1. promising. and early peek reveals nice space, good-sounding menu (new American with touches of Asia and Mediterranean), eager staff. some portions might be considered skimpy. more upscale than a little neighborhood place it replaced. i think it has potential.

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        1. re: nuxvomica

          Some portions? On Monday, opening night admittedly, I didn't see one plate, bowl or other serving vessel return to the kitchen with so much as a crumb -- and given that room full of skinny "beautiful" people at least one of the models should have found something too much for their diet. Not only that, but one of the glasses of wine we ordered had a whopping 3 ounces in it! Classy!!!

          Now, the food is good, quite good (maybe that explains the uniformly cleaned plates? probably not). The staff is excellent (though too many working the floor at any given time -- there were 3 people behind the bar and the bar back still didn't know where to look for a beer), and the decor is quite nice.

          They say they want to be a neighborhood place like Inside, the uniquely wonderful place that formerly inhabited the space. To do that they'll have to relax a bit. And pour more wine.

          This place is definitely worth a try as it will only improve as management gets a better feel for their business.

          1. re: substanceoverstyle

            As someone who lives directly across the street from Perilla, I can't say that I get the "neighborhood" vibe from them. Admittedly I haven't been there yet. Firstly, I think that their prices are too high to be a neighborhood place. But more importantly during the week leading up, when it seemed that they were having a bit of a soft opening, there was no invitation extended to neighbor's. Just from glancing in it certainly doesn't have that laid-back atmosphere that made Inside SO terrific (that and reasonably priced very good food). This is not to say that I won't try it, I certainly will... but my neighbor's and myself were all a little surprised by the tepid entrance onto our rather warm and friendly Jones Street.

            1. re: jdream

              My friends and my experience there was a much more positive one. We actually thought the restaurant was great. As Substance said, the food was really "foodie" good. We, however, didn't find the portion sizes too small (and trust me, unfortunately, most of us don't fall into that "skinny" category). The skate and the langoustines were our favorites.

              Perilla was giving a ten percent off your tab first week discount (there was a note on the menu explaining that it was because they are still working out the kinks), and asking for feedback at the end of the meal. Which I thought was a nice touch.

              1. re: BW212

                I'm glad to hear that it's good. I didn't have any bad experiences there-- as I haven't been there. I was more responding to the concept of the restaurant as as neighborhood place.

              2. re: jdream

                i'm not sure they are going for that neighborhood vibe. the price points, the food - i think they are trying to get a bit of both - neighborhood and destination diners. nothing wrong with that. no discounts last Fri --before they were officially open -- when was that?

                btw, i just saw Grub Street refer to it as "Pan-Asian." what are they smoking?

                1. re: nuxvomica


                  I think you're absolutely right, they seem to be trying for both destination and neighborhood diners. I find a lot of the better places will go that extra mile to try and fit you in if you let them know you live in the neighborhood. It will be interesting to see what kind of mix of people they end up with. The couple at the table next to us actually live about a block away.

                  I'm not sure when the discounts started, but we dined there Wednesday night. If I recall correctly, the little tags said that the discounts were for the opening week. I didn't even realize they were serving last Friday (or I would have gone sooner.)

                  1. re: BW212

                    but you wouldn't have gotten the discount ;-)

                    with those price points (and the number fo seats), they need to draw from beyond the neighborhood. i think they have a potential to do well and keep both locals and destination diners happy. it helps to have a long bar, too, for quick bites. he seems like a serious cook

          2. imho anyone who expects seamless service the first week a restaurant is open -- especially a brand new restaurateur who is being watched soooooo closely -- is likely to be disappointed.

            If you didn't have a great experience, give the guy another chance -- after he's been open at least 3 months!

            I'm looking forward to trying his food, but plan to wait several weeks.

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            1. We two walked in on a Friday night at 10pm and there were about 5 tables empty, but the place was mostly still busy. We had an onion oyster soup with edamame (best dish of the night; at Per Se or something it would have been an amuse bouche shooter); crab salad (refreshing and curious); duck meatballs with raw goose egg. All very good, some surprising flavors, portions a bit small. Main courses: Duck breast (perfectly done) on a bed of bok choy and bits of foie, with oddly placed crispy pork belly (not clashing, but still a bit confusing); langoustines on thai eggplant and red rice with a very peanuty sauce which we thought was ultimately plain and sort of a disappointing dish. Desserts were amazing and almost the best part of the meal. Cocunut cake, strawberry confit were both great. Service was seamless and friendly! One of the waiters noticed me transferring my ice to my companion's glass and asked whether I'd wanted water with no ice and then brought another glass. It's a small point but I appreciate that attention to detail. Nice atmosphere, not much of a decor, but what is there is nicely done. Oh, yes, and we got a 10% discount, which was a great introduction.