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best source for (organic) pork liver in the peninsula?

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Sadly Whole Foods in San Mateo does not carry pork liver and I can't make special requests with the butcher. 99 Ranch and Marina Food market's pork liver is a cheap source but I sometimes question the source or quality (or color...eeek!)

Is there a butchery/market in the Peninsula that sells quality organically raised pork, pork liver? :-)


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  1. I have an idea. On Saturday I talked with Brock Fulmer, the proprietor of The Black Sheep Farm in Occidental, at his stand at the Saturday Healdsburg farmers market. Besides true spring lamb and grass-fed beef, he also raises pigs and is THE place in the wine country to buy local, organic 35 to 50 lb. pigs. He slaughters and butchers to order and his customers are getting great results in the caja china, making Yucatan-style cochinita pibil buried in the ground, etc.

    Anyway, when I saw your question, I wondered what he does with the organs? Maybe you can ask him to FedEx an order to you.

    BTW, on Saturday he said that he has two more lambs left. He's keeping one for his own eating and the other would be available for purchase. One of my friends had been buying leg o' lamb from him earlier in the year. She said they're tiny, the size of my forearm, and so delicate in flavor.

    The Black Sheep Farm
    P.O. Box 1221
    Occidental, CA 95465

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      That is so out of the box, I like the idea! Thanks I'll give them a shout :-)


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        Can't wait to hear the reaction!

    2. Maybe Schaub's Meat in the Stanford shopping center. They have top quality meat and when I shopped there they were good about special ordering. Pricy though.

      There Dittmar's in Mountain View that is worth a try. They deal with lots of porky things, but I'm not sure how into organic they re.

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        christine dibona

        Uhhh, I've been asking for organic meat at Schaub's for several years, and each time I get the "Well, it's NATURAL..." spiel. Some of the counter people can get pretty testy when they just hear the word "organic", I'm not such a glutton for punishment that I would try to ask them to order something for me.

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          I don't know why I completely forgot Dittmers considering I went "blind with pleasure" upon eating one of their bratwurst and kielbasa sausages (and pig trotters) last week. Thanks for bringing that up!

          Today I stopped in and talked to the butcher who said that his fresh pork liver supply has been constantly in use for liverwurst, as it is Oktoberfest and demand is high. Now I am VERY curious to try out the liverwurst! I will call ahead next time and ask to have some raw liver slabs set aside. That sounds like a good plan.