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May 7, 2007 11:44 AM

Wow the Small Town Parents?

My small town parents are coming to NYC for the first time ever! I want to take them to some amazing restaurants that have both great food and great atmosphere. I don’t mind spending some money ($30-$40 entrees) but want to keep the experience reasonable as well as a great display of NYC food and trendyness. What would you recommend?

I am already planning on taking them to:
-La Esquina (dinner)
-Balthazar Breakfast
-City Bakery (quick lunch/Brunch)

Please Help!

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  1. what do they like to eat/drink?

      1. re: ronoc

        I second Buddakan...very impressive decor/atmosphere/clientele/service/food if you choose right. Lots of posts on that. Have fun!

      2. Maybe Metrazur? They can watch all of the people coming in and out of Grand Central which is kind of neat for out of towners.

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        1. re: roze

          They like Mexican/Southwest. What about anything in meatpacking? Soho? The Village?

          1. re: emiliaeast

            Dos Caminos comes to mind as far as trendy Mexican goes - there's one on Houston and W Broadway. If you want to grab a drink after hop in to Pegu Club next door - its a very trendy lounge that is tame enough to take your parents to.

            How about Suba in the LES? The food is great and its trendy (get a reservation in the grotto). Its Spanish food.

        2. My small town mom and her friend loved Stanton Social. You could also try Chinatown for dim sum. One of the places like jin fong which are huge, multi-leveled with the rolling carts. It might be an interesting experience for them.

          1. I know it's Bobby Flay, but you might want to try Mesa Grill - the location's great and the food is actually pretty good too.

            At some point, you should get one of those gourmet picnic baskets from the restos at Columbus Circle and go eat in Central Park.