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May 7, 2007 11:38 AM

Patsy D'Amore's - Farmers Market

I once thought this was among the finest pizzas in SoCal.

I ordered a whole pizza, and – no exaggeration – 2 ½ minutes later, it was ready for pickup. I should have known. No pizza in the world, except those made in coal-fired 900 degree ovens, should be ready in such short order. It came out, floppy as a wet mop, dried out sauce on top, and a couple of flattened dough blisters. I’m going to let you guess how it happened, but I have my suspicions. Mind you, I can’t be certain because I wasn’t watching closely. It should have been easy to tell a reheated pizza from one freshly made out of the oven. Well, I was inattentive and hungry. Most of their customers are famished tourists who are unable to recognize decent pizza. They won’t be back, so they’re easy marks.

Patsy’s was on the right track back when there was no Grove next door and they were hungry for business. I feel I was scammed, ripped off. Shame on me for letting it happen.

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear that. It's been a while, but I used to love their pizza by the slice. Their original restaurant, Villa Capri, was a favorite when I was a kid.