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May 7, 2007 11:33 AM

Best Brunch Spot In LA for Mothers Day.

I hear the brunch at the 4 seasons in BH is very nice but havent been. Has anyone tried it or does anyone have any suggestions for a nice, high-end brunch?

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  1. The ultra high end places, like 4 Seasons, Penninsula Hotel and the Ritz Carlton in Pasadena (all excellent) will be filling up (filled up?) fast most likely.

    1. Good luck getting reservations now!

      Try Inn of the Seventh Ray

      1. The Four Seasons has been SOLD OUT for Mother's Day since January 1st.

        1. I think the best bet for a non-chaotic Mother's Day brunch is to pick up some items from a good food shop like Joan's on Third, Clementine or Julienne's on Saturday (check to see if pre-ordering is needed) and then finish it off in your or Mom's home.


          1. I like Campanile. Take my mother there practically every time she comes out. Lovely atmosphere (Charlie Chaplin's old studio), professional service, excellent food. .

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              Campanile was not part of Charlie Chaplin's original studio, unless it was a building relocated from there. The original Charlie Chaplin studio is located at La Brea and Sunset, far north of Campanile, and currently houses Jim Henson Productions. In homage, there is a Kermit dressed as Chaplin over the main gate on La Brea.

              We're trying the Luxe on Sunset in Brentwood.

              1. re: Scott the Poet

                I just did a bit of sorting to get my facts straight and you are... correct. It was actually built by Chaplin in 1929 with the intention of creating his own office space. However, before the building was completed he lost it in a divorce settlement to his first wife. Was gorgeously adapted in the 1980s by architect Josh Schweitzere for Mark Peele and Nancy Silverton who opened Campanile there in 1989. A lovely building nevertheless.