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May 7, 2007 11:18 AM

Chinese in Marlton area?

Any suggestions for really good Chinese in the Marlton/Cherry Hill/Voorhees area? I know, lots of selection here for Chinese, just have found the quality to be totally lacking. I tried this place called Cindy's Chinese Food on Route 38, just east of the CH Mall which I found to be the best I have had in this neighborhood. Sakara Springs is decent, but I would like some other suggestions. I have about given up on good Chinese in the Camden County area.

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  1. pf changs is right by the promenade in marlton and delicious. Check out for menu and directions,its behind redstone!

    1. Joe's Peking Duck in the plaza behind Olga's been there and great for years!

      1. i'll second joes. it's not fancy by a long shot but the food is excellent. pfchang barely counts as's a theme place. (imho) albeit they draw a does macaroni grill if ya get my drift.

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        1. A bit farther away is Shin Long on Rt. 73 in Maple Shade. I like the food as much as Joe's, plus they have a sushi bar.