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May 7, 2007 11:00 AM

Southeast Atlanta/Morrow, GA

Will be traveling down here for a soccer tournament this weekend. Looking for good (not expensive or fancy) restaurants in the area.

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  1. I go to the area once a month for five nights, and have yet to find anything other than chains and FF. I do like Dai Loi, on Jonesboro Road, right before 285, which is your basic pho kitchen, but very good. Clean, cheap, fresh. I have also had wonderful catfish and super corned beef, great greens, yummy sweet potatoes, and delicious black eyed peas plus excellent cabbage at John's Southern Kitchen, right before Dai Loi taking Rt. 54 (Jonesboro Road) away from Morrow, east. Check hours, not sure how late they're open. Found a good Thai restaurant last month but it closed while I was there. So, any other suggestions would be gratefully appreciated here also.

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      I second Dai Loi enthusiastically, but only for the pho, not the bun. Spring rolls are good as well. Iced coffee is delicious.

      Good to know about John's. I have wondered about it for a while but never stopped in. Don't get down there too much anymore - I used to work in Jonesboro.

      There used to be a bahn mi (Vietnamese po'boy) shop in a strip mall on the other side of Jonesboro Rd from Dai Loi (south a bit - maybe half a mile?) that had good, cheap (3 for $5) bahn mi. Don't know if they are still there.

      Oh, and further south/east is The Hickory Stick bbq. No idea whether or not it is good. Anyone?