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May 7, 2007 10:46 AM

Looking for a school cafeteria cookie of my youth

And we're talking a looong time ago.

It was a little chocolate cookie - I'm almost positive it was a drop cookie - with oats and raisins.

Oats, raisins and chocolate - probably cocoa - were the main ingredients. It wasn't fudgy.

I don't think it had peanut butter in it.

It was not baked. IF it was cooked at all, it wasn't cooked much because the oats were still resilient to the bite. In texture, it reminded me a lot of the coconut haystacks candy one can buy.

I still crave 'em. Has anyone made any cookies such as this?

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    1. re: shanda013

      I used to make something like this as a kid! We called them 'icebox cookies' but I think they're technically no-bake cookies... I could have sworn they were from the Joy of Cooking, but I couldn't find them in there. The best part was the chewy, candy-like texture and the crumbly bits of chocolate. We never used raisins, but that was probably because my mom didn't keep them on hand.

      Something like this?


    2. My thanks to both of you. I believe No Bake Cookies V = topic 278553 = Chocolate drops = my cookies. Enough to get me in the ball park, anyway...

      The school I went to must have had a surplus of raisins : )

      1. Oh, I just noticed these don't have any oatmeal, guess they are not the one's you are looking for. Sorry.

        Three in One Cookies

        Makes 12 Dozen 2 1/2 inch Cookies

        6 c. flour
        8 t. baking powder
        1 T. salt
        6 T. milk, dry
        3/4 c. eggs, dry
        1 1/2 c. fat
        4 c. brown sugar
        1 T. vanilla
        1 pt. water
        1/2 t. allspice
        1/2 t. nutmeg
        1 c. raisins
        4 sqs. unsweetened chocolate
        1 c. shredded coconut

        Sift together flour, baking powder, salt, dry mflk, dry eggs. Cream fat and
        sugar until fluffy. Add vanilla and water to creamed mixture with dry ingredients. Divide batter into three equal parts.

        To the first part, add the spices and raisins. To the second part, add melted
        chocolate (and 1/2 cup honey). To the third, add coconut.

        Drop by large teaspoonfuls on greased baking sheet. Bake 400° F. ten to
        fifteen minutes.

        Source: The School Lunch by by Marion Louise Cronan, published in 1962.
        A school cafeteria guidebook / cookbook. Available online at