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May 7, 2007 10:25 AM

Finding a post older than 26 minutes when you don't have the precise topic name?

In this case a post made last Friday or so on sharing restaurant bills with many diners. There were over 110 responses. Now Monday I look for it and cannot go back beyond say the last 30 posts today . Searching by topic( Bill sharing"? “cost sharing?” etc, yields thousands of posts , and as we know unsortable by date. So how do I get that late last week post? A similar problem has occurred many times.

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  1. Is this the thread you're looking for?

    It was on the first page of the Not About Food board, when sorted by 'most recent post'.

    You can page through to prior pages of a given board using the page numbers at the bottom, as well, so if something is recent, but not on the first page, you can still get back to it.

    Other options include adding a thread to your favourites using 'topic options' so you can find it again if you want it, or, if you've posted in the thread, it should appear on your 'my posts' list in 'my chow'.