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May 7, 2007 10:01 AM

Good place to treat folks near Redding

Boyfriend & I are going to Redding to visit his parents. Any suggestion for a nice meal -- would be a treat since it's the first time I'm visiting them? Additionally, as a NYC Chowhound, I'd like to experience some Northern California cuisine.


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  1. Sadly if you would like to experience Northern California "cuisine" Redding is not really the place to do it. I can say that because I live in Redding now. After growing up with ethnic cuisine diversity in Sacramento and experiencing living eutopia a stone's throw from the gormet ghetto of the East Bay for a few years, alas, I now find myself in Redding (and that is what you have inquired about.)

    Honestly, you will need to adjust your expectations before you dine in Redding. You will not find anything great. You might find something nice that would be considered less than average in the Bay area. One place that has nice ambiance and some of the best service in Redding is called Maritime - kind of the "nice" place to go right now. Decent specials, nothing too adventurous, but probably fits the bill.

    If you have time for a (pretty) drive before and after dinner, you might consider going up to Dunsmuir (45 minutes north of Redding) and eating at Cafe Maddalena. Another nice place, very small, very friendly wait staff. Sort of clean lines meets log cabin decor.

    Some of my favorites, but not really in the same category are Nipa's Thai on Churn Creek road, Fat Burrito (used to be called Mi Pueblito) on Cypress near I-5 for carnitas huarache's, San Francisco deli on Athens Ave. for great sandwiches, or Jeff's Cattle Company on Cypress for awesome buttermilk pancakes.

    When will you be visiting? There is a new dinner place opening in June that I'm looking forward to. I've been to a couple of events that the chef has catered and now he's opening his own place. A really nice guy who also understands the value of quality ingredients. If he can manage to secure good wait staff, his place will be a hit.

    Places to avoid - Jack's, Buz's Crab, new steak place near Cascade theater - horrible, horrible, horrible service :(

    If I can think of anything else, I'll post again later.

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    1. re: ThisNThat

      Thanks for the recs! We're actually going next week so alas we'll miss the new place.

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        I've passed through Redding and can confirm Nipa's is pretty excellent. They do a fine red curry.

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          I may be going to Redding next week for business. Has this new place opened and what is it called and where is it located? Many thanks.

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            Don't know if you will see this in time, but yes the new place is open. It's called Moonstone Bistro and is on the corner of Placer St. and Buenaventura right next to a Starbucks. It has been popular so you may need reservations. We've eaten there once about a week after it opened. It did have very fresh, nice and nicely prepared ingredients. My one beef (excuse the pun) was the menu selection. I had a nice asparagus soup and a perfectly fine but nothing to write home about salad. DH and I also split a few appetizers which escape my memory now about 5 weeks later. I do recall that all the entree choices involved humongous hunks of meat with creamy sauces. There may have been a pasta, but there wasn't a fish option. The night we went it was about 113 degrees outside and I would have appreciated a lighter option. It's still probably going to be your best bet for decent food in Redding if you are looking for a "nice" place with a bit of ambiance. Otherwise I would revert back to some other post recommendations of Nipas, Fat Burrito, or a place called "Cheesecakes" that has huge salads.

            I actually had a few other "beefs" with the place like pretty shakey service (waiter didn't really know how to open a bottle of wine,) but that's pretty much what you get up here sadly...

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            I will be there for a week toward the end of April. Has there been any improvement in the food scene or do I have to plan on writing poor reviews of the chains on hotel hill?

            1. re: NVJims

              What days of the week will you be here and what kind of food are you interested in? There are a some decent places that are not chains - so far we've found nothing to totally knock your socks off, but enough that we can pretty much avoid the chains altogether. Seems like lots of them are closed on Sundays, or only open for lunch but not dinner.

          3. When in Redding try the best old dive:

            Jack's Grill My old inlaws lived there and the steaks were pretty good


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            1. re: Stan

              I have to strongly disagree about Jacks. The locals joke that people wait so long for a table at Jack's (it's a bar) that by the time they get seated (and they are tossed), the food tastes good. Really it's pretty awful - gristle filled steak, "salad" consisting of iceburg lettuce and thousand island dressing. Yuck. There is another old time place called Nello's (on Bechelli) that has quite a bizarre ambiance, but good steak if that is what you are after.

            2. A follow-up -- the parents didn't let us treat them at all. But we did got to a lovely restaurant in Weaverville called Le Grange. It was delicious Continental cuisine - really hit the spot.

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                Thanks for the follow up. I always wonder what happened with these "I'm looking for...." posts. I now travel through Weaverville for work on occasion and have only tried Trinideli for yummy sandwhiches and the Red (something) Chinese place (Ok) across from the Joss house. I'm happy to have the recommendation for Le Grange. Thanks!

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                  How funny. I'm here in Weaverville for work myself, and am looking on here for dinner thoughts tomorrow!

                  My colleagues and I tried La Grange tonight. Overall ok, not bad. Nice setting and the service is so warm! On dinner, there was a split. Those who ordered the ahi tuna were happy; two who ordered filet medallions were disappointed b/c they did not seem like filet. The desserts were very nice. Cheesecake light, lemony and cream cheesy; a very rich chocolate truffle type cake; and a bread pudding with a brandy sauce.

                  I think tomorrow we're trying the Chinese place. Thanks!