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May 7, 2007 09:55 AM

Bragg Creek Rec's

Hi there. Does anyone have any recommendations on any good places to eat in Bragg Creek?


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  1. Bragg Creek is home to one of my favorite steak restaurants - the Steak Pit. The food is great and the rustic setting is a big hit with my friends and family out east.

    Makes for a great meal after a long day of hiking in Kananaskis.

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    1. re: spicytuna

      Everyone i know recommends the Steak Pit. I do not. After umpteen recommendations, several friends and I hoofed it out to Bragg Creek to try it out, eagerly anticipating a great steak.

      All i have to say is, the food was not good (poor steaks, cooked and quality) bland and tasteless, the service was even worse, and the atmosphere was something more like rustic B&B. Note, this was several years ago, but based on the number of people who swear by it, i expected it to be consistently good. I did not enjoy my experience there.

      Of course, even worse than this, i don't have a good recommendation for you for Bragg Creek. There look to be several very good restaurants out there, but havent been able to find anyone who has eaten at them, or willing to go out and try them. Hope other people might have some experiences in this area.

      1. re: yen

        Infusion was for sale? Anyone know if it's still the same chef? The food was pretty mediocre, but they have a nice patio and it's a good place for a bit of a "destination" meal. With a better chef we'd probably go all the time.

        1. re: yen

          I live very close to Bragg Creek, all the restaurants are similar, as in average for what you pay. I occasionally still get dragged to the steak pit and only order the Neptune b/c it actually has some taste. Everything else is so bland!

          If you're in the mood for a meal out of Calgary, try out the Black Diamond Hotel. The foods good/cheap (ala Pub fare) but the atmosphere(local cowboys) is really what makes the place.

          1. re: hclass

            +1 for the local atmosphere of the Black Diamond Hotel. a group of us walked in there after a hike, dressed to the nines in our MEC fleece, boots and synthetics. We got a lot of stares that day...

      2. Haven't been since last summer but here's the deal:

        Most consistently good food & Service is the Bavarian Inn.

        Infusion had decent food, uneven service but was up for sale last year-not sure what happened since.

        Madrina's is ok but nothing special-nice patio though.

        Steak Pit has no redeeming qualities.

        1. Was recommended and taken out to the Steak Pit in Bragg Creek by some friends who can't stop raving. I've never had a worse steak that was priced so high. The 'New York' was definitely not a striploin, which is what the server confirmed prior to ordering. And being a fan of ribeyes, mine was the worse cut I've ever had - what do I do with so much gristle? And am I really supposed to eat the half cooked vegetables on the plate? Literally, one side of my cauliflower was cooked, the other side raw. Peppercorn sauce was tasty. Only thing that saved the night was the great company. I'll take a schnitzel across the road at the Bavarian Inn any day.

          1. The Bavarian Inn I guess would be ok; personally I found the food very heavy. We had an "warm" apple strudel for dessert that was nuked in microwave almost beyond recognition. The Cinnamon Spoon is great for coffee/dessert and we sometimes stop there after hiking in Kananaskis.

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              We just ate at Infusion on Friday for lunch. The space is nice, contemporary tables, rustic elegant interior. The menu has real appeal. We started with a deliciously creamy thai spiced (very mildly) butternut squash soup. My hubby had the veal medalians in a creamy gravy with mashed potatos, I ordered the Louisianna style french dip with fries. The way that they described it, made it sound like it would be something different then the boring usual beef dip. It was a good traditional beef dip, nothing special. Fries were a huge disappointment though. Frozen steak fry variety. Would have expected some hand made ones there. Overall, good service (we were the only ones there), nice menu, but a little lacking in the wow department for the cost ($50 for 2 for lunch, only tea for drinks)