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May 7, 2007 09:53 AM

TAPS Seafood Brunch, Brea (review)

Yesterday was a bunch of frumps brunch @ Taps. With reservations in hand, we were promptly seated on the patio.

After our lovely, prompt & friendly server explained the brunch (seafood, salad & other savoury dishes "upstairs", and sweets & desserts "downstairs"), we all ordered mimosas (you have the option of champagne [or champagne cocktail] or beer). While my stomach sprinted toward the upstairs area, I caught up slowly observing all the dishes that were available.

I sampled a little of everything: shrimp ceviche, raw oysters on the half shell, cajun coleslaw, american/german potato salad, caprese, marinated mushrooms, olives, roasted red pepper, artichokes, roasted garlic, fried calamari, lox (bagels & accoutrements), varietals of cheese, lots of fruit, bruschetta, jumbalaya, blackened tilapia, cheese blintz and various meats. I say various meats, b/c I didn't have any to remember. There were crackers, chips, dips, breads and soups--none of which I had. I had to save as much room for the gold; there were simply no room for the fillers.

When we got back to our table, the mimosas were sitting pretty.

And OH! Everything was succulent, juicy and fresh. The seafood had no off odour or taste. I had the lox w/o the bagel; the bruschetta w/o the toast; ceviche w/o the chips. My tastebuds were taking turns giggling, wallowing and frolicking the fruits of the sea. I couldn't get enough of the oysters! So fresh! They slid and melted in my mouth. Heavenly! Just a squirt of lemon was all that was needed.

My second trip to the bar (again upstairs) was to sample items I overlooked and to retry my favourites...and get a couple more oysters. Decisions, decisions!

What they had on the main floor was various cakes & cookies, an omelette bar, a bananas foster bar, a chocolate fountain and creme brulee "torched to order".

I had room left for a couple chocolate dipped strawberries and bites of other's desserts. Everything was good. I also had room left for a few more oysters.

All this...with jazz in the background, the sun high up in the sky, more rounds of mimosas...and the husband calls: When are you coming home?

Two hours and $40 later (brunch=$32, + tax & tip), we waddled out the door. After another $8 (valet=$6, tip=$2), I squeezed into my spanky lil 2-seat jalopy and we (my car & I) rolled noisily home.

I'm going again next week; gotta take Mr OCAnn.

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  1. Do they serve prime rib? I read something about a craving station.... Can't wait, I'm going for Mother's Day!

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    1. re: WHills

      Yes, they have a prime rib carving station...and a pasta to-order station...I had no room for either. =(

      1. re: OCAnn

        you can ask them to prep the linguini in white wine sauce sans pasta (I got 2 plates worth the last time I went)-- but yes, agreed with you that generally everything's delish there -- would be tempted to go this coming Sunday if it wasn't Mom's day.


    2. yum! that sounds delicious. mmm...oysters!

        1. re: Diana

          On Imperial Highway, in Downtown Brea.

          If Easter Brunch is any indication, Mother's Day brunch is going to be a zoo and a half.

          BTW, you can get scoops of ice cream from the Bananas Fosters station, and go over to the chocolate fountain and pile on chocolated dipped strawberries on top...

            1. re: notmartha

              They're fully booked on MOther's Day. I juust called and they're not taking any more reservations.

              My friend was at Spaghettini Seal Beach for brunch yesterday and even at $50 per head, she said everything tasted deeelish!

              1. re: ml22

                Yes, I booked Mother's Day about 2 months ago, and the only time I could get was 9:45 a.m. I'm not complaining though!

                I heard they have a sister place somewhere that was still open if you wanted a later time.

                1. re: WHills

                  The sister place is THE CATCH in Anaheim, but they don't serve brunch.