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May 7, 2007 09:30 AM

Angel Maid Bakery- what else besides cream puffs?

My family is going on a picnic/hike for Mother's Day, and I'm in charge of taking desserts. I was thinking of taking Angel Maid mini cream puffs. I had them once and almost ate the whole box myself. Yum! I also wanted to get some other desserts for my family members who may not like cream puffs (crazy, I know!). So what else is good? No cakes please because they're too hard to transport. Thanks! By the way, someone had told me that Angel Maid wasn't open on Sundays, but I just called them and they're open from 8-12 noon on Sundays. Yay!

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  1. The danishes and bear claws are good too. They have this coffee cake ring thingy that I tend to like. My family LOVES that place. I think once you get there you can't loose with getting whatever they have left. I'd probably go there more if the parking wasn't such a pain in the butt.

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      I've found parking in the "lot" not to be an option unless it is empty. I do find it relatively easy to find street parking on the same short block, or on the next block north of Angel Maid. And now that the city seems to be finished working on Centinela, it should make it even easier since that temporary barrier and sign are gone now...

    2. They have lots of smaller individual size dessert items in the same case as the mini cream puffs. They should transport relatively easily if you can keep the box horizontal. But I'm not sure what kind of hike you folks are going on to reach your picnic site.

      Not to pull business away from Angel Maid, but do you think a frozen cake or cheesecake might be an option? You might also consider checking out Grand Casino Bakery on Main Street in downtown Culver City. They have some amazing cookies with dolce de leche (alfajores, and alfajores with a dollop of dolce de leche on top that are dipped in white or dark chocolate) where just one can be a dessert in itself.

      I love Angel Maid as well, but I just don't know how radical your transport and stowage issues will be... whatever the case, if you decide to go to Angel Maid and it's the day before or the day of Mother's day, go early. They clear out the majority of their inventory early.