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May 7, 2007 09:27 AM

Food in Williamsburg

I'll be apartment sitting in Williamsburg for 2 weeks. Since I've never lived in the area and the last time I ate there was about 2 years ago (only been to Planet Thai, Sea and Chimu), I'm extremely clueless about the foodie scene. I'm familiar with the city and flushing but am at a total loss when it comes to brooklyn so I'd love to hear some of your favorites.

I'll be at work during the weekday so I'm really looking for weeknight dinners and weekend breakfast/brunch/lunch/dinner. Are there any must- trys in the area? If you provide a few suggestions along with price ranges and cuisine types and dish reccs, that would be great.


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  1. You should do a search for more suggestions but just a few off the top of my head. I would recommend Dumont Burger - great burgers, fish sandwiches and a good veggie burger. Spike Hill, Spuyten Duyvil and Clem's are great spots for drinks.

    1. There are a lot of posts on this board about dining in Williamsburg. A lot depends on where in neighborhood you're going to be, since there name "Williamsburg" encompasses a very large area and there are really 4 separate dining scenes there. Northside, Southside (around Grand), Southside (around the bridge), and East Williamsburg/Graham Ave., as well as some other places (there's also the Hasidic area south of the bridge, but you're probably unlikely to eat there).

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        thanks - tried searching earlier but the posts were very difficult to sort through. The posts that came up seemed older (pre-2006) and considering the speed of change, I figured I'd ask.

        I'll try again..

        fyi - will be off of the Bedford Ave stop on the L.


      2. Sashimi,
        I've lived in Willamsburg for a very long time and as of recently, my neighborhood favs are:
        Oasis next to the L train for MiddleEastern
        Fornino on Beadford for Pizza
        also the Pizza Gallery on Havemeyer (and N. 6th ?)
        Fette Sau for BBQ (go early)
        Madame M Bistro on Havemeyer (and S. 3rd?) for great Chineese
        Snacky's on Grand (near Bedford) for good fun Chinese
        Sappo Haru up on Manhattan Ave., east of Bedford, is the best Japanese around
        Bonita on Bedford for upity Mexican
        Diner on Broadway for anything and the best burger
        Marlow and Son next door for fancy oysters and lite fare with wine
        the new Italian place across from Bonita is very nice and sweet (but a tad pricy)
        Supercore on Bedford near S.2nd for a laid back midweek hang with very healty and affordable menu items (Japanese)
        ... Gotta go now. Enough of my rambling but I could go on...

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        1. re: Ida Red

          I just moved to Carroll Gardens from Williamsburg, and although I love my new digs and the opportunity to explore new restaurants, I miss some of my old favorites including:
          - M Shanghai (delicious, nongreasy Chinese)
          -Taco Chulo (ask for El Gallo burrito, it's not on the menu anymore, but it's so yummy)
          -Bosu (great, unique sushi)
          -Marlow and Son (the chocolate tarte with sea salt is incredible)
          -Dumont and Dumont Burger (great burgers)
          -Black Betty (great middle eastern)
          -Spuyten Duyvil for beer and cheese plates
          -Egg for breakfast

          also do yourself a favor and walk over to Hasidic Williamsburg for some chocolate babka; it's delicious

          mmm i have to go back there soon...

          1. re: bladerobbins

            Thanks! I'll definitely give these a try.

            btw - Ida Red - the locations that you provided are great! I really appreciate it.

            1. re: sashimi

              I would add:

              Juliette on N. 5th off Bedford--it's a new-ish French bistro from the owners of Tartine in the West Village and the Delancey bar. Great steak frites and spicy chicken w/ guacamole dish. Laid-back, neighborhoody atmosphere.

              Matamoras Puebla grocery. It's a mexican bodega on Bedford (b/w N. 6th and 7th I think), but if you go all the way back, they make authentic, delicious tacos, etc. to order. Get the pork sopas or huaraches with salsa verde...mmm.

              Fabianne's on Bedford and N. 5th has great salads and baked eggs for brunch. Also good quiches if you're into that.

              Lastly, I love Miyaki on Berry and N. 6th. Really fresh sushi, but the Korean food is also quite good. Get the kimchi jun (pancake)'s sooo good.

              1. re: mae

                oo.. that chicken and guac dish sounds yummy!

                Thanks - will definitely report back next week after i move in :)

          2. re: Ida Red

            Is that M Shanghai Bistro? I was favorably impressed withe Shanghainese food there, better and more authentic than I expected at what is basically a hipster bar. The xiaolong bao there were the closest to the true Shanghai version I've found in New York (not that I'm there often).

            I had a good meal at a place my daughter's SO is very fond of, Moto. It's not Asian; "Moto" is for Motorcycle, the theme of the place. The food is what I would almost call Cal-French if it were in California.

          3. Unfortunately it looks as though you have happened on the least of all the dining in the Burg. Try Baci Arrabiaci on Grand for incredible home cooked, contemporary Italian, with an incredible garden. DuMont Burger for all your burger needs. Dressler on Broadway for all your high-end wishes. Diner also on Brwy. used to be something to recken with, but has since 2006 been on what seems a steady decline in both consistency and quality, the standards on which their business was built. Marlow and Sons (also on Bwy.) is great for raw bar food. Really nice raw seafood, a decent seletion of wine and booze. Best slice is on Lorimer off Metropolitan at Sal's. Brunch is great at Grenouille on Roebling and S.1st. DuMont (proper) on Union St. off Metro. is a great choice for inovative fish specials and hearty old school choices like Mac and Cheese, and killer salads. Cheers!

            1. I love the"I have lived in Williamsburg for x years ..and ..I" credentials you can hear it in almost every possible context.. The fact is most (not all) the restaurants in the neighborhood are on the amature side and most would be shut down or severly fined if inspected by the DOH. If corny bistroesque places like Fabians and Juliette are even worth mentioning, this is a totaly differnt level of converstion about food. Let's celebrate original and creative resteraunts, okay?

              Diner & Marlow
              Joe's corner (he does it right)
              SweetWater Grill
              Silent H (for trying)
              SuperCore (2 years ago)
              Dokebi do a good Korean BBQ, stands up to little Korea restaurants at least
              And, out of loyalty, I love you Kam Sing!

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              1. re: TripleNet

                the bahn mi that i had from silent h was truly dreadful. it may not be representative of the quality of the rest of the food, but it was bad enough to totally kill any desire i might have had to find out.

                1. re: wleatherette

                  I wasn't super impressed by Silent H but not as offended as you. The only reason I was forgiving was because the Chef came out to talk to me after I gave my honest opinion on the food, so at least there some type of an effort.

                  It doesn't really seem like they have much restaurant exp.(welcome to Wburg)
                  The renovation they did is really dumb from a $$ point of view, they took half the old (Oznots Dish) dining room and built a kitchen on it leaving half the potential seating area (where you actualy make money) coughing up whatever it cost build that kitchen (prob. above $25,000 with venting). whatever their excuse is for doing that, Oznot was doing way more covers than them without that setup, reality being the bottom line is pays the rent, not wishful thinking.

                  1. re: TripleNet

                    i definitely would like to see a new, independent business thrive, but man... that sandwich was gross!