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May 7, 2007 09:24 AM

Do they have Mariachi's at the Gardens of Taxco

I am trying to find a mexican restaurant with Mariachi's but that also has good food. I have heard pretty good things about the food at the Gardens of Taxco. Just wondering if they have Mariachi's their as well.

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  1. You might call and ask them.I live in the San Antonio area.Saw an ad for a mexican restaurant across from the Witte Museum that advertized mariachis and complementery sopapillas(little pillows).Maybe I'll check the place out for dinner Saturday something different for a change.
    Tomatillos on Broadway has live music at times.

    1. if you're looking for a complete Mariachi show. I'd look into La FOnda on Wilshire.
      Food's not that bad and I've taken many out of towners to check this place out, always a good time.
      They have seatings starting at 5:30 6:30 so on etc.
      great little bar to wait in and catch the previous show.
      Taking my future in laws this weekend, flying in from Cleveland.
      There's another place called cielto lindo in el monte I think, but can't really compare it to la fonda.

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        I haven't tried La Fonda. Unfortunatley, I have done Cielto Lindo in El Monte a few times. IMO the food @ Cielto Lindo was like El Torrito style. Plus you order a combo plate they serve it to you and you have to be out of there within 1 1/2 hours or so. Parking is terrible. We like Don Ramons out in Fontana off the 10 freeway & Sierra. They have a Sunday Brunch around $18 a person, IMO very good food, We usualy sit through the 3 shows 11 to 3, as there is no rushing

      2. I have never seen mariachis there, although there is often a guy with a guitar and a really lovely voice singing ballads.

        1. I am absolutley certain they have no mariachi's at Garden's of Taxco. They only have the guitarist, Jaime, who starts after 7PM on certain days of the week. don't forget, they do not have a full liquor license if you are expecting drinks too. They only serve wine drinks, like sangria.

          1. They do have mariachi's but I don't know if only during the weekends. They open at 4 if you want to call them. the food is always good(I like the chicken in green sauce/garlic shrip combo).