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May 7, 2007 09:14 AM

Worth a road trip from Manhattan?

My husband and I want to take a day trip from manhattan to go out to dinner. Can be anywhere within an hour drive of the city. Anywhere worth the trip? We tried Blue Hill at stone barns already.

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  1. There are a number of good places. I live on the Sound side, but one of my favorites is Harvest on Hudson in Hastings. Go when the weather and growing season is a little further along, as they have beautiful gardens along the Hudson River and also great views while dining. It's not a temple of cuisine like BHSB, but it's good and the atomsphere is nice. For a more "special occasion" I would recommend Le Panetierre in Rye, Thomas Henckelman's in Greenwich (which is also a lovely inn, you could spend the night and not worry about how much wine you drink). A local restaurant in my town, Plates, is very good. The chef has worked for many of the great chefs (hence the name, the restaurant is decorated with plates from the various establishments). He married a local girl and they took over a former steak house. The space isn't great, but the food is! And it's easy to get to, close to thruway entrance, across the street from the train.

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      Henkelmann's in greenwich is a great suggestion. serious food, serious prices.

      if you're "day tripping," consider the restaurant at rowayton seafood (exit 11 on i95, make a right off the ramp). go for lunch or brunch. try to arrive early and park on rowayton avenue (none of that bogus valet parking stuff). nice views of the five mile river, sailboats, etc. drinks and food are pretty good. pricey but worth it. shorts and boat shoes are ok.

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        Plates is defenitely not worth the trip. Its a good restaurant with very good food but defenitely not the type of place i would go out of the way to try.

        Any of the Peter Kelly restaurants are probably worth the trip. Harvest on the Hudson is a beautiful destination if the weather is nice and you can dine outside around sunset. I really really like Zeph's in Peekskill though its a little bit far and probably not as appealing to most people.

      2. We loved the Jedediah Hawkins Inn in Jamesport on the North Fork of the Island. They have a website you can check and if you do a search here you can see a review I wrote at the end of last summer, as well as other since mine. Excellent food, beautiful setting and for a day trip you can spend some time enjoying the beautiful Peconic Bay beofre dinner. I hope you enjoy!

        1. I am a huge fan of any of Peter Kelly's restaurants

          If you're looking for more of a day trip destination (and a little longer than an hour drive), how about one of the Culinary Institute restaurants

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            i'm not so sure the cia is a destination kind of place. by definition it's a work in progress.

            don't get me wrong, it's loads of fun and terrific to include in a tour of the hudson valley but the bottom line is that its an add-on to whatever else it is you are doing. nothing more.

          2. Roslyn village - Thyme and Besito
            Huntington - Blue Honu and Prime
            Garden City - Novita, Polo, Waterzooi
            Manhasset (Americana) - Cippolini (good place, but nice shopping area)
            Oyster Bay - Mill River Inn