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May 7, 2007 09:14 AM

rec for "first" date for long time friend


I need a recommendation for a first date with a long time friend. we haven't seen each other for several months so it has to be a chill place where we can talk. There must be choices other than seafood and obviously no one wants to risk an embarrassing stomache ache. Also, like about $12 entrees is about as expensive as I would like to get. I would like it in the district and close to a metro. Perhaps near Tenleytown or not too far from there.

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  1. Upstairs at Mark & Orlando's would fit the bill.

    1. neat tenley is both Le Chat Noir and Matisse. I've eaten at neither, but they always look busy and I keep meaning to try both.
      I've been to Neisha (the thai place right at the metro) and it was merely OK. I wouldn't recommend it.

      If you take the metro up to Friendship Heights, Lia's is very good - I enjoyed it. A good variety, and tasty. Or to the other way and metro to Cleveland Park and try the bar at Palena or Indique (I think cleveland park is more cozy than the friendship heights location).

      1. If you like sushi or excellent Japanese food you can go to Sakana in Dupont Circle on P St. Very yummy food and resonably priced.

        1. Dino in Cleveland Park would fit the bill but it is a little more expensive, but not so much more, just a couple of bucks.

          I forget what pricing is like at Lebanese Taverna in Woodley Park, but that could also work.

          The bar at Palena has excellent food, but I think your bill will be higher than what you are looking for.

          1. I need to alter my needs a little bit. I would really like sandwich/salad... that would be elegant enough to not have to hear "our first date was at fast food" but casual and fun. a $6 sandwich is fine if it is a presentable place. Oh, and I need it in Georgetown.

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              There is a place in front of the Latham hotel. Never ate there but it fits your needs...