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May 7, 2007 09:08 AM

Where to eat along the water taxi route

Any recommendations of good casual restaurants along the water taxi? We'll be there on a Saturday night.

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  1. I'm sorry, where is the water taxi? I assume you don't mean the New Smyrna Beach - Ponce Inlet one. . .

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      I mean the one in Ft. Lauderdale. Thanks for the clarification!

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          Taverna Opa for Greek..Shooters stop...decent to very good food...early evening it's sort of calm..families, late night it turns more clublike (dancing on tables) and LOUD..:)

          Bahia Cabana Bar..casual outdoor pub style food..think of Cheers on the water..overlooking Bahia Yacht Ctr. I like to eat lunch here.

          I've been wanting to try Downtowner..have had drinks at 15th St Fisheries..nice spot..especially when they are feeding the big tarpon.

          You can also get to the "nice part" of Las Olas Blvd...I forget the stop..9th st?...and there are lots of restaurants there. Johnny V's, Mark's....maybe you want to post separately about the Las Olas area for current names.

          We go to Ft Laud a few x a year and really enjoy using the water taxi.

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            Used to LOVE the Downtowner. The location on the water is great. The food can be good, but I've had 2 bad experiences lately with service and lack of concern on the part of waitstaff. Bar is fun and the live music can be great, esp on sunday with the jazz brunch.

    2. The Water Taxi's two routes will put you in walking distance of anything on Las Olas, downtown, the Himmarshee St. historic district, the 17th St. Causeway, and all of the beach/Intracoastal areas from Harbor Beach on up to the Galt Ocean Mile area at Oakland Park Blvd.