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May 7, 2007 09:02 AM

Healthy Lunch - N. Hollywood/Studio City

I'm looking for a healthy lunch or place to get a good big salad in N. Hollywood/Studio City. Not too trendy, and hopefully not too busy in the middle of the day. Easy parking would be great too. Am I asking too much?

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  1. Nope.

    Try Hugo's on Riverside..great healthy food.

    Also, try Stanley's in Sherman Oaks on Ventura, not too far from Studio City. Fabulous salads!

    1. i second hugo's. one of my faves. great food, super-healthy, but service can be really slow.

      also try 'the good earth' on ventura @ laurelgrove

      or there's 'the dressing room' nearby in sherman oaks

      1. Definitely Hugo's and the Dressing Room. Kung Pao Bistro will do healthy fare, taking out oil if you ask. Don't hate me for suggesting this, but if you just want to pick up a salad, Jerry's actually has some good options. So does CPK, and you can leave off the ingredients that are less healthy; they even have a pretty good fat free balsamic vinegarette. The ahi tartare appetizer is also good and healthy (leave dressing on side). In NoHo, try HealthyCa on Lankershim. And, if you happen to get up to Sherman Oaks, I love the chopped salad w/ eggplant at Sisley.

        1. I wish I could remember the name of the place. Maybe somebody else knows. They're located on the NE corner of Balboa and Ventura in Encino (just a few doors away from the not-so-healthy Chile My Soul) and they specialize in healthy salads / sandwiches.

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            Salads Galore or something like that. Never eaten there. Is it good?

            1. re: Debbie W

              YES!!! Thank you, It is Salads Galore. It's good but a little too healthy for me. Much prefer Chile My Soul

              1. re: Debbie W

                Love that place; was gonna mention it, but very far from NoHo, Studio City area. Great salads, prepared and otherwise. Also love that I can get a dry egg white omelette with healthy sides... Great "fitness menu" as well.