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Good Panini Near NYU?

I'm looking for a good, hot sandwich (not a Philly cheesesteak or Quiznos)...

Any suggestions?


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    1. Abbondanza's - good hot sandwiches, though not exactly panini
      Amy's Bread
      Grey Dog
      Press Toast

        1. There is a tiny kiosk called Bite on Lafayette/Bleecker - awesome and inexpensive. That's where I go when I get sick of sitting at the NYU library. The small place next door called Sparky's serves good comfort food, too.

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            I'll second Bite. The panini with prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, sun dried tomatoes, basil, and olive oil is fantastic. Grab a bench over on the Mulberry side (I haven't yet tested Sparky's willingness to share their Lafayette seating).

          2. 'ino is definitely the place. if you're looking for something casual and are willing to pick up and take elsewhere, i really liked the panninis at murray's cheese shop. have them pressed and take em down the street to the tiny winston churchill park and eat there.

            1. If you want to take a short walk, check out Palacinka on Grand between Sixth and Thompson.

              1. Murray's Cheese on Bleecker has great pressed sandwiches-- really good quality, not too expensive, interesting combinations...

                1. gotta give a 3rd to BITE on Bleecker and Lafayette. Try the turkey, swiss and pesto panini or the mozzarella, proscuitto, and sun-dried tomato panini. I posted a review of it (with pictures) on Roadfood.com under the "sandwich shop" category.

                  1. They were pretty decent (and popular) at a place called Good Food on Waverly Place close to Mercer.