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May 7, 2007 08:27 AM

Good food/beer list near inner harbor

I'm going to Baltimore tomorrow night and staying in the inner harbor. I think we also might go to Fell's Point. This will be my first time in town, so I am completely unfamiliar with the area. I'm meeting a couple of friends from college so I'm looking for a casual place with good food and a good beer list. Also, any suggestions for good pubs for after dinner would be good too.


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  1. Thirsty Dog (20.E Cross St) in Federal Hill is a great bar/pub and has a good menu for food too. You can't beat their always on, house special: 2 for $3 - same time, same kind. They brew their own and the beers are named after dogs. It's a laid back scene. Google 'Thirsty Dog Baltimore' for reviews and more info. I would avoid the IH; it's all Cheesecake Factory/Phillips/Hooters chains.

    I have to say though, my fav beer place is def 'Brewers Art' in Mount Vernon - about a 5min cab ride north on Charles street. They also brew their own beer - the Resurrection is a MUST! they have a nice dark dive bar downstairs and a more 'refined' artsy scene upstairs. They have a great bar menu and the restaurant is good, but a bit pricey.

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      Thanks for the reply, and the info on the IH. I'll definitely be checking out Brewers Art on Wednesday before I leave. A friend turned me on to Max's as a post dinner hangout, and their beer list is pretty impressive:

      The food doesn't look like anything too special though. Any other recommendations for Fell's Point once we're down there? Any good crab places? Or any other restaurants (forgetting about the beer list) that you think are a "must see"?

      Thanks again!

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          Duda's Tavern (at Bond St. and Thames St.) has a good beer selection and also has good food.

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            lets see...i generally avoid all food places in Fells, i think it's gone down a notch BUT having said that...Friends on Alicanna has a) Ressurrection on tap b) BEST jukebox in town c) pool table that is easy to get on d) a pretty darn good bar menu's more of a hipster less of a tourist scene than most places in Fells and big w/ the Hospitality Industry crowd. Gets busy later so if you go early and it's dead, don't be surprised. But the food is def commendable for a bar scene.
            I used to love John Steven's but they changed the menu and now, the steam bar is good - shrimps, oysters, muscles etc...but that's it. the rest of the menu has reduced in size and delectability (i'm not sure if that's a word, but you get the drift).
            Around the corner is RedStar tavern 906 S.Wolfe street; they are smoke free, have a decent bar menu and a strong selection of beer and while, although it's not THE cheapest place to eat.
            The Indian restaurant - Mehek - on the sqaure in Fells point has good Indian food and the tapas place; Mezze opposite DuClaw has good tapas. DuClaw and Duda's are both pretty average as far as bar food goes...greasy, limp lettuce, lots of bread kind of places. Better bar food @ One Eyed Mike's on Bond street; its a Grand Marnier bar but has a darn good menu.
            Henniger's Tavern and Peters Inn are both good but not exactly walking distance from IH.
            Let me know how you make out...

        2. FYI - against my word i ended up @ john stevens last night. the menu has not yet been updated (lsat change they took off thier famous Scallop app) but the steam bar was pretty good; pound of shrimp were $16. they have a decent beer selection on tap but it was smokey as all hell in there.
          Another place to check out, not that far away on Boston Street is 'Bartenders'' they have a good selection of drinks, great pizza's and steam shrimp.

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            Hi Aussie,

            I'm glad to hear that the steamers are still worth going to at Johns Stevens. It used to be a regular for me and my man when we first started dating 8+ years ago, and we had many a romantic night there. We used to go back for sentimental reasons, but between the menu changes taking away our favorites, and the iffiniess of the kitchen, we pretty much took them off of our "go-to" list. We may have to go back and give them another shot at redemption.

            Is a menu update on the way?

            1. re: venera

              I asked the bartender that and he said he just started there so couldn't or didn't really 'get' what all the fuss was about - i'm guessing then that he also doesn't eat there. I specifically asked about the Scallop app and he said that bc so many people had inquired (ne: compained) they were considering putting them back on. Thing is, i think the kitchen changed chefs so one wonders if they'll be as good.
              Ironically enough, my ex of 8+ years and I also used to go there for the same reasons and never had an issue w/ the service. Now though, i've been four times in the last three months to get a combo of beers and bar food and found the service to be deplorable! So, i think that until they add those scallops i'll be staying away. There are plenty of good steam bars in the area where i can get a beer without cranning my neck!
              I'll keep the board updated but let me know if anyone gets there first!

              1. re: venera

                So it's been a couple of months since I've been to JS and several months since the change in management. I can honestly say that I will definitely NOT GO BACK to eat and am even sadder to say that i may NOT GO BACK for beers either....A few changes, most notably the beer and steamer menu boards on the pole in the middle of the bar have been taken's amazing how many people in the 2hours we were there commented on that! The whole vibe seemed different; not as smokey, not as gritty and FellsPoint'y' and just something a miss.. but the food: we ordered Steamed shrimp (too difficult to peel, the shells just would NOT come off and there were a few too many very crinkly shrimp in the mix; overly overly seasoned); the Scallop App which I have been longing for would have done better to stay as a fond memory, this one was swimming in a bowl of 'white wine and butter sauce', completely obliterating the draw of the original (they were sauteed ever so lightly and drizzled with just the right amount of sauce and butter); steamed oysters (small and dissappointing).
                So, sorry to say "Venera" you might want to try for yourself, but looks like I'll have to find another 'go-to'.
                Service has never been JS's strong point but last night we had to wait far far too long for the bartender to get to us at the table - one at the bar, one at the table; neither of us could get served and there were maybe a half dozen tables and two bartenders!

            2. Next time you are in Baltimore, check out DuClaw Brewery in Fells Point. They have some interesting beers and the food looked good (didn't eat there). Cool atmosphere,too.