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May 7, 2007 08:20 AM

Lunch Queen West West/Roncesvalles

Taking the afternoon off work to check out the Contact shows and would appreciate recs for lunch in the Roncesvalles, College West or Queen West West area. There are some nice places but they only open for dinner.

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  1. Easy is a great place, and won't be super busy as it isn't "Brunch time", Queen & Roncesvalles

    1. Fresh is good around Trinty Bellewoods Park. Gladstone has good food and the photos on exhibit upstairs are wonderful.

      1. What about the Gladstone, I was there for Contact yesterday [I thought it was great!] and I would definitely give eating there a whirl. Or there is always The Drake.

        Further east, I love Swan, Bar One and Sugar ... you can't miss with any of them.